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[Review] WWE 13 - One of the Worst Games in Recent Memory.

Overall Feeling: 

The fact this game was released is astounding. Any positive points from WWE Attitude Mode or player creation are fully eclipsed by an absurd number of bugs and poor game design.

The Pros: 

+ Attitude Era Nostalgia Bomb.

+ Deep and impressive player content creation tools. 

The Cons: 

- Frequent game crashes.

- Unpolished and riddled with glitches and bugs.

- Online servers keep erasing data.

- 3GB save file on PS3 makes PS+ Cloud storage useless.

- Broken Universe mode design.

- Pay-Per-View matches have no purpose.

- Terrible game audio issues.

- David Otunga's Music. Rating : 

THQ's latest installment of their long lived World Wrestling Entertainment licence hit the shelves on October 30th 2012. While many publications, blog and fans rushed to get their reviews of WWE 13 up on day one, I waited. Patiently.  Now that we’re over a month since its release, I'm rather glad I sat on this and really took the time to explore this game. 

THQ Announces WWE 12

Smackdown vs. Raw has been the focal point of the WWE’s gaming centre for the past couple of years. For gamers every year brought its fair share of problems within the game. Developer THQ has now listened to the fans, scrapping the franchise and starting a new. WWE 12 will now lead the way for future wrestling games in the WWE Universe.

Majesco Announces A Kinect Wrestling Game Starring Hulk Hogan. (This Isn't A Joke)

Since so many people wanted it, I’m sure at least five people sincerely did, Majesco Entertainment has announced Hulk Hogan’s Main Event, a brand new wrestling game exclusively for the Microsoft Kinect.  After giving us Zumba Fitness last year, I guess Majesco felt they ought to cater to the hardcore market a bit by giving us a bit of wrasslin' action, even if it features an extremely dated icon that hasn’t had any glory moments since 1995.

New WWE All Star Video Enters The Ring

These days I never find myself overly excited about a wrestling game, but having played WWE All Stars and seeing more and more of the game in action, I feel as if I’m going to go into crying wrestling fan mode since the game is that much fun.  Wrestling itself is supposed to be over-the-top, but WWE All Stars kicks the notch up a little bit to create an experience that combines nostalgia and arcade goodness in a game that may not be matched in the near future.  There stands the chance that I could be setting myself up for di

New WWE All Stars Trailers And Screens Enter The Ring

Maybe it’s the classic wrestling fan in me that is so worked up, but I’m really excited for WWE All Stars.  I haven’t been too fond of the recent WWE Smackdown games despite still enjoying the occasional episode of WWE Raw and enjoying the opportunity to do a flying elbow drop to a man in a ring.  Perhaps it’s the mixture of wrestling nostalgia thanks to the inclusion of legends like the Ultimate Warrior (The Warrior Says…) and The Rock combined with the insane arcade presentation that has me excited to step back into the ri

THQ hints at another new WWE game

I guess THQ felt like they didn’t have enough WWE games as a brand new one is being added to their stable. No, I’m not talking about the surprisingly awesome WWE All Stars or the Asia-only release WWE Online.  According to CVG, THQ will be releasing an entirely new WWE game featuring even more man-on-man action, complete with boring storylines filled with silliness.

THQ's new WWE game revealed

Despite their previous legal squabbles, THQ and the WWE are now on friendly terms again. In fact they settled their dispute for good as THQ has the rights to publish WWE games for the next eight years, which depending on your WWE fandom is either a blessing or a curse.  With this guaranteed cash cow locked for the next couple of years THQ is expanding the WWE franchise a bit with a new game.

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