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One thing that I'm constantly asked about by customers is "Why are they removing features?" This is, of course, in regard to the current-gen versions of certain games. It happened with the September release of NHL 15, and it's happening again with the upcoming November 18th release of WWE 2k15.

Activision Interested In TNA Wrestling Game [Rumor]

The WWE may finally have some competition when it comes to the world of video games. While the WWE recently wrapped up a contract which will see all future games representing the brand published by Take Two Interactive, one of the last competitors in the wrestling world may be gearing up for a video game comeback.

Take Two and WWE Finalize Publishing Deal, New Talent To Oversee Future WWE Games

Take Two and the WWE have officially finalized their deal which will see all future WWE games published under the 2K Sports banner for the next five years.  As reported last week, the deal reached between Take Two and the WWE will not only see core developers from THQ return to the project, but the team at Yuke’s as well.  Such news led wrestling fans into a tale-spin of depression that would only be rivaled by John Cena being the WWE champ again for thr

Take Two Officially Acquires WWE Game License, Yuke's Returning To Develop Titles

Wrestling fans will no doubt be in a bad mood considering the latest news to happen in the world of the WWE. The newfound depression amongst wrasslin fans isn’t because CM Punk is no longer the champ, but instead pertains to the world of WWE video games.  Previously it appeared as if a new era of wrestling games was set to begin due to the closure of THQ, but now it appears that we could simply be in store for more of the same – a predicament that plagues the wrestling industry itself.

THQ Finally Ceases To Be + IP News

At long last the era of THQ has come to a close. After being foretold in a sense nearly a year ago via Kevin Dent and made more apparent by the public financial issues that the company was running into, THQ is now a thing of the past.  The somewhat unfortunate demise of THQ isn’t a complete tearjerker moment however as several properties and studios made famous by the company will thankfully live on with new homes. 

[Review] WWE 13 - One of the Worst Games in Recent Memory.

Overall Feeling: 

The fact this game was released is astounding. Any positive points from WWE Attitude Mode or player creation are fully eclipsed by an absurd number of bugs and poor game design.

The Pros: 

+ Attitude Era Nostalgia Bomb.

+ Deep and impressive player content creation tools. 

The Cons: 

- Frequent game crashes.

- Unpolished and riddled with glitches and bugs.

- Online servers keep erasing data.

- 3GB save file on PS3 makes PS+ Cloud storage useless.

- Broken Universe mode design.

- Pay-Per-View matches have no purpose.

- Terrible game audio issues.

- David Otunga's Music. Rating : 

THQ's latest installment of their long lived World Wrestling Entertainment licence hit the shelves on October 30th 2012. While many publications, blog and fans rushed to get their reviews of WWE 13 up on day one, I waited. Patiently.  Now that we’re over a month since its release, I'm rather glad I sat on this and really took the time to explore this game. 

THQ Outlines Their Future Software Line-Up (Everything Isn't Lost Just Yet)

At last we have some news concerning THQ that doesn’t entail the potential demise of the company or the closure/termination of a beloved studio or property.  Things may be far from perfect for THQ, the company lost $56 million this last quarter alone, but they are persevering in the way any publisher can by continuing to release software.

The Action Of WWE 12 Is On Full Display In This New Video

I used to be a hardcore wrestling fan and while I still check in on Monday Night Raw every now and then, I’ve completely fallen off the radar when it comes to WWE games.  Wrestling used to be a big part of my entertainment life but lately WWE All Stars has been the only wrestling game to keep my interest because it was a straight up arcade wrestling game.  A lot of gamers have lamented the many problems the WWE Smackdown video game series has had over the years and now THQ is trying to rectify them in WWE 12.

THQ Announces WWE 12

Smackdown vs. Raw has been the focal point of the WWE’s gaming centre for the past couple of years. For gamers every year brought its fair share of problems within the game. Developer THQ has now listened to the fans, scrapping the franchise and starting a new. WWE 12 will now lead the way for future wrestling games in the WWE Universe.

WWE All Stars Trailer Shows The Legends Of The Past In Action

Wrestling fans may still be a bit unsure as to the quality and overall vibe of THQ’s new arcade based entry in the WWE series, WWE All Stars.  The game itself a huge departure from the wrestling games we’ve seen THQ pump out in the last decade, all of which have been straight laced sims of the action that occurs in the squared circle.  WWE All Stars on the other hand has guys flying 15ft in the air doing leg drops or dudes bouncing a good 10ft after being thrown on the mat.

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