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EA And Criterion Finally Announce Burnout Crash And It's Not What You Would Expect

After wowing adrenaline craving gamers for years, the Burnout franchise is finally making a comeback but it may be in a form very few of us will want to experience.  As we heard back in May, the Burnout franchise is returning once again but this time it’s in the form of a smaller digitally distributed game dubbed Burnout Crash.

Rockstar Games Reveals More DLC For Red Dead Redemption Is Planned

I thought I had hung up my spurs, six shooters and cowboy hat up for good but that doesn’t seem to be the case based on what Rockstar Games revealed today.  As good as it was to end the DLC journey of Red Dead Redemption with the Undead Nightmare adventure, Rockstar Games has confirmed today that they will be releasing another wave of DLC later this year.

New Screens of Square Enix's Unique Looking Yet Cancelled Action Game Dropship

Square Enix may be known mostly for their RPG games which at this point honestly don’t hold as much weight or immediate importance as they once had. Since the Western market is now the dominant force in the video game industry and often drives a new source of creativity from developers, Square Enix has been one of the latest Japanese companies to create games tailored to Western audiences.

A Small But Promising Update On The Indie FPS Game Nexuiz

The FPS genre may be on the verge of officially jumping the shark, but there is one title coming out soon (hopefully) that may be worth out time: Nexuiz.  The first major release from the indie studio IllFonic (which is co-owned by R&B maestro Raphael Saadiq), Nexuiz is indeed a FPS but it appears to be wholly old-school and devoid of any bald space marines, thus it may be worth checking out.

Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalker 2012 [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

With ten versatile decks, expanded deck customization, a new game mode and all of the usual Magic: The Gathering goodies, this game is a great deal for its low $10 pricetag. Just like the real card game you will find yourself cursing at the computers amazing topdeck as often as you find yourself cheering your amazing victory that you pulled directly out of your ass. This is Magic at its core.

The Pros: 

+ Expanded deck customization from the original.

+ The regular and revenge campaigns, along with their puzzles, are a lot of fun and can be quite challenging.

+ Great experience for a completionist who can work to unlock all of the decks, cards and achievements.

+ $10 pricepoint

The Cons: 

- The new Archenemy format is more frustrating than fun.

- Multiplayer has some issues such as a lack of players online and some connectivity problems. Rating : 

It is important that I lay some groundwork for this review, I am a very experienced Magic: The Gathering player. I have been playing Magic for more than 15 years and have even done some competing in tournaments. Someone who has never played Magic before may have a different perspective, it would be hard for me to say.

Gotham City Impostors - Hands-On [E3 2011]

As a kid I absolutely adored Batman and loved every aspect of the character.

Carmageddon Returns To Cause Mayhem On The Streets Once Again

After being not so subtly teased, the Carmageddon franchise is finally set to make a presumably action and gore filled return to the world of video games. Missing in action since 2001, the Carmageddon franchise has been sorely missed by gamers who enjoy engaging in a bit of racing action combined with some ultra-violence.  The combination of unique racing action (you ran people over in your car yet it was hilarious) and some tongue-in-cheek humorous elements made Carmageddon a favorite amongst gamers and now it’s going to return in a major way.

First Footage Of Bloodrayne: Betrayal Shows A Potentially Bloody Good Action Romp

Most of us may be sick and tired of seeing vampires in movies or TV shows since as of late they haven’t been depicted that well. Instead of being outright menacing, vampires these days have become to be known as overly romantic creatures that sparkle in the daylight. What the hell?

SkyDrift Aims To Offer Some Thrilling Racing And Aerial Based Action

As I was perusing the interweb I stumbled across something that looks incredibly cool: SkyDrift.  Most of the time we really don’t see digitally distributed games pop up that look incredibly original or thoroughly fun (outside of straight up weird indie games), but SkyDrift combines two of my favorite things: controllable  planes and arcade style gaming.

The Child's Play Franchise Is Making A Video Game Comeback

Maybe this will be a cool ass game that could end up being a major surprise of sorts, or maybe it’ll just be the latest piece of licensed game garbage to be thrown upon us.  But whether you love it or hate it, a video game adaptation of the classic horror franchise Child’s Play is set to be released later this year.  Best known as being the horror franchise that has the soul of a killer transferred into a child’s toy, the Child’s Play film have always had a place in the heart of horror film fans.

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