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Merchandise & Swag

No More Heroes gets a lingerie line

In what could possibly be the most awesome yet strange video game product ever made, a line of lingerie based on No More Heroes will be released.  Made by the lingerie company Bedtime Flirt, the NMH inspired lingerie line will allow female otakus to dress up as Naomi, Shinobu and Sylvia Christel.

Street Fighter IV, gets street cred with Triumvir T-shirt Collab.

Earlier this month Triumvir announced their collaboration in time for the release of Capcoms Super Street Fighter IV. 

The T-shirt set features drawings of character''s originally featured in the 1993 release of Street Fighter II. Each design is offered in 2-3 color ways and, is definitely on my shopping list this summer.

Kane & Lynch comic book announced

Since it’s the cool thing to do these days, IO Interactive and DC Comics have announced a Kane & Lynch comic series.  Set to release in August, the series will delve into the past violent adventures of the dysfunctional duo.

Sony announces Metal Gear Solid Walkman

Even though Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker isn’t officially MGS5 it sure is being given the royal treatment. So far reports have indicated that Peace Walker is one of the best MGS games and to go along with an already cool game we now have an awesome tie-in product.

Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition announced

Set to release later this year is a small game called Fallout: New Vegas. Being the follow-up to one of the most successful RPG games this generation means there’s a ton of interest in New Vegas.  The interest also means that people are willing to fork over their hard earned cash for anything branded Fallout: New Vegas. Like other companies, Bethesda Softworks is happy to oblige those Fallout enthusiasts with the announcement of the Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition.

[Updated] GDC Canada Swag Bag Give Away

As you already know ShogunGamer loves you. In return we want your love. How do we go about getting it? Just like any good parent, we buy it. We buy your love through give-aways. We give, and we give, and then we give some more! So as per our tradition, we’ve got a collection of swag accumulated from the two day long GDC Canada show, and we’re going to be giving it away to one lucky winner!

What’s in the swag bag this time?

Well there’s plenty for you here, we actually did a pretty decent job cleaning up what was available at GDC Canada. Here are some of the highlights:

Epic Mickey tie-in books revealed (lower your expectations now)

Remember Epic Mickey? It’s that Warren Spector developed Mickey Mouse game for the Wii that was hyped beyond belief before it was officially revealed. The hype wasn’t without reason as the concept art showed an innovative and original take on the Disney world. But then Epic Mickey’s was shown for real and it looked average at best, which is a kind thing to say.

Tom Tom Navigation gets Star Wars voice over edition.

For those of you with Tomtom navigation systems, this summer marks the release of some familiar voices packs for your GPS travels.

Tomtom has teamed up with Star Wars to bring you a great new download that allows the characters of Star wars to yell at you for missing that last turn. Currently Darth Vader is only available.

Click here to listen to the Darth Vader sample.

S#!T You Want - Super Villain Special Edition.

Welcome to the 12th Week of Cool S#!T You Want. This week we look into the diabolical wants and needs of the Super Villain. This special edition of Cool S#!T You Want features the must have's of any Villains arsenal.

Crysis 2 Contest Gets Your Name in the Game

Everyone likes contests, and some of the best are not about receiving a product, but instant celebrity. To help build hype for the upcoming Crysis 2, EA has started a contest to help you gain your 15 minutes of fame. The contest revolves around the idea of getting your name (or gamertag) into the upcoming Crysis 2 game… in the form of graffiti. That’s right! Should you win this contest, their graphics team will set to work making you a slick custom graffiti tag that will appear throughout the game. 

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