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Halo: Forward Unto Dawn Episode 4 Is Now Available

At long last the intense sci-fi action the Halo series is known to provide is present in Forward Unto Dawn. After the shocking turn of events in episode 3 which could’ve used a Drowning Pool song as background/end credits music, the latest episode of Forward Unto Dawn picks up and officially puts the action in overdrive mode.

Killzone Indie Film To Debut Next Week

Sony may be ever so slightly dipping their toes into the live-action arena when it comes to promoting their games or merely expanding existing franchises, but they’re still a step behind the competition.  Things such as the Michael/PlayStation All-Stars videos are a good effort, though in the long run they’re not as effective or downright cool compared to things such as Halo: Forward Unto Dawn.

Mass Effect Movie Gets New Writer, Still Not Close To Entering Production

In a sign that the project is somewhat moving along instead of being forever trapped within the nothingness that is a black hole, the Mass Effect movie now has a new screenwriter attached.  Announced several years ago with production company Legendary Films (Batman Begins, Man of Steel) handling the core duties, the Mass Effect movie could’ve provided us with some amazing sci-fi in the movie arena, but as always development woes were abound.

Ubisoft Teams Up With New Regency For Assassin's Creed Movie

Ubisoft is making its own fate and in the process could buck the trend of what has come before it. After announcing their plans to create a new label to focus on developing their properties into films and television shows, Ubisoft dropped the bomb on us that none other than Michael Fassbender would be starring and co-producer the film adaptation of Assassin’s Creed. This was of course after news surfaced which has Ubisoft in a near unprecedented deal which gave them sole creative control on the endeavor.

Halo: Forward Unto Dawn Episode 3 Is Now Available

If you have been wanting Halo: Forward Unto Dawn to pick up some steam in a sense and go balls to the wall with action then you’re bound to be happy today.  Episode three of Halo: Forward Unto Dawn has been released today and as expected it picks up from the climatic end of episode 2, but from there it goes into full-on action mode that will likely have the hearts of the Halo nation in complete flutter mode.

Need For Speed Movie Acquires Breaking Bad Actor As Leading Man

When it was announced that Electronic Arts was shopping around a film adaptation of their Need for Speed franchise I think most gamers and movie fans couldn’t have cared less about the project.

Gears of War Movie Being Shopped Around Hollywood Again

Most of the time when a video game is going the film route and hits a wall during production it’s usually stalled for good.  Sure, there are some rare exceptions at times such as the Doom movie lingering in development for nearly a decade before it finally hit theaters, but even when a video game movie has attached star power, such as Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx in Kane & Lynch, production can be shuttered for good.

Battlefield: Bad Company TV Series In Development, Produced By Sony TV

Since the release of Battlefield 3 both EA and DICE have kept quiet as to whether Bad Company, the other Battlefield game, would ever receive a third entry.  Not on the same level as the mega success received from the core Battlefield series, Bad Company proved to be a nice spin-off that didn’t take itself too seriously yet at the same time provided the action gamers expect from the franchise.

Spy Hunter Film Gets Put On The Fast Track

Maybe Warner Bros. will set things right within the video game movie arena since the studio is seemingly prepping yet another high-profile film based upon a game.  Besides the forthcoming Mortal Kombat film, which will be separate from season two of Mortal Kombat: Legacy, WB is resurrecting the Spy Hunter series in a presumably epic action movie sort of way that may or may not star an overwhelmingly dull yet attractive actor as the lead.

A Cabin in the Woods Video Game Made By Valve Was Almost A Thing

Video games based upon movies usually result in experiences that are simply depressing, but what if we were to see a game based upon a film as part of DLC for an ever popular gaming franchise? Well such a thing was close to becoming a reality but sadly was canned at the last second due to the nagging issue of a studio going bankrupt.

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