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PlayStation Store Receives Facelift

Rumors have swirled about it for months and the subject was even faintly teased at by Sony late last month. But at long last the news is official as Sony is giving the PlayStation Store a facelift that no longer sees it retaining the core design it once had.  Gone are the days of browsing through a web based store or one that was a bit of a chore to navigate as Sony is providing gamers with a sleek interface that looks to be one of the better design offerings the company has made in recent memory.

Sega Puts New Action-Adventure Vita Project On "Hold"

Sony may not have finally hit the sweet spot with the PlayStation Vita as far as having a rich software library that has widespread appeal, though there are some quality games currently available for the system.  First party studios will obviously continue supporting the Vita in titles such as LittleBigPlanet Vita, but the situation with third party studios is in a state of near constant flux, as evident by the latest update from Sega.

Battlefield: Bad Company TV Series In Development, Produced By Sony TV

Since the release of Battlefield 3 both EA and DICE have kept quiet as to whether Bad Company, the other Battlefield game, would ever receive a third entry.  Not on the same level as the mega success received from the core Battlefield series, Bad Company proved to be a nice spin-off that didn’t take itself too seriously yet at the same time provided the action gamers expect from the franchise.

Teaser Trailer Released For Invizimals Cartoon

Despite having one of the more robust 1st party line-ups whose appeal spans a vast array of demographics, Sony opted to make their first TV/cartoon effort be none other than an adaptation of Invizimals.

Sony Sued The Actor Behind Kevin Butler (Yes, This Really Happened)

Sony has done something that seems so unjustified in a way that even I, Mr. PlayStation fanboy extraordinaire, can’t defend it or spin it in a positive light.  A lot of dumb things have come out of Sony such as the infamous E3 2006 debacle and more constant things such as unloading a bevy of PSN games in the same week, but Sony went ahead and did something that seems entirely frivolous - they sued actor Jerry Lambert, the man members of the PlayStation nation know better as Kevin Butler.

Open Me Tasks Vita Owners To Open Up Boxes

So far the Tokyo Game Show hasn’t delivered a slew of new triple-A PS3 games nor has it heralded the return of games such as The Last Guardian, but it has provided us with a new game for the PlayStation Vita.  Sony still seems to be downplaying, if not ignoring the Vita, during key press events despite software being available - some of which is entirely new and previously unannounced.

Rockstar Reportedly Prepping Vita Games - For Now At Least

The hardware may be impressive, but the PlayStation Vita hasn’t exactly set the world on fire thanks to an uneven software library. There may be some standout games for the Vita, including the exceptional LBP entry, though games that capture a wide audience are still a rarity of sorts.  Sony may not have done the best job at marketing and showing what the future has in store for the Vita, but one studio that is reportedly supporting the device is Rockstar Games.

New Teaser Hints At Something Is Amiss Regarding Studio Liverpool/Wipeout [Rumor]

Usually the bitching or crying done by those on the internet or fans of a particular game yields no major results, no matter how many signatures an online petition receives. At times developers may take note of some complaints to rectify a small issue within a game, but it’s not as if companies such as EA take our concerns to heart when it comes to crafting a game as the ultimate goal is achieving broad appeal to reach a financial goal.

The Killer App Of The PS Vita Is Found: Let's Fish! Hooked On

The long awaited killer app for the PlayStation Vita has finally been revealed. No, I’m not talking about Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified nor am I referring to a Metal Gear Solid game bound for Sony’s handheld gaming device. I’m instead talking about Let’s Fish! Hooked On, an anime fishing game which will push the limits of the Vita as we know it.

Invizimals Cartoon Set To Premiere In 2013

Sony is finally expanding on one of their core gaming properties in the TV space but it may not be the franchise you would’ve expected to receive such treatment. Set to air late next year will be an animated version of Invizimals, the monster hunting/1v1 brawler that made its debut on the PSP.  Far from being one of the pillars of the PlayStation brand, Invizimals managed to catch on quite heavily over in Europe thus an animated series is in the works.

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