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Need for Speed Becomes A Pure Action Thriller In Need for Speed: The Run

For being a mere car racing franchise, the Need for Speed series has gone through countless face-lifts and has had a multitude of spin-offs ranging from those that are pure sim to others that offer the high-octane experience we all love in arcade racers.  Lately the NFS franchise seems like it has found a familiar pattern of sorts with Criterion Games giving us the stellar arcade racing experience in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit while the team at Slightly Mad Studios dished out some racing sim goodness w

New DLC For Dragon Age II Releases Today

Bioware drop some new DLC today for fans of Dragon Age II but before getting too excited thinking that it is some new exciting story related DLC, it is in fact just 3 different new item packs unique to each class type of Dragon Age II.

The Mage, Rogue and Warrior Pack each will sell for $2.99/240 Bioware, Microsoft Points or you can snag all three for $5/400 Bioware, Microsoft Points. All three sets of item packs come with a collection of new weapons, armor sets and accessories for your character's class and their companions.

Latest Shadows of the Damned Screens Show Demons Galore

This June we’re used to seeing basically no good games coming out as the months of Summer are usually an absolute dry spell for gaming. But thankfully we have Shadows of the Damned to occupy our time this June instead of being bored to tears like we usually are.  So far we’ve seen a good chunk of Shadows of the Damned and the demonic world that protagonist Garcia Hotspur lives in and today we have some new screens showing us what we can expect.

Things Are Dark And Grim In This Trailer For Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows - Part 2: The Video Game

This July a lot of geeks are going to cry for one main reason: the Harry Potter franchise will officially come to a close.  Sure, the Harry Potter novels ended three years ago but those out there who enjoyed the world of wizardry always had the films to fall back on.  But with the July release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 the Harry Potter franchise will finally come to a close that is before giving us yet another video game.

Alice: Madness Returns To Feature An Old-School Bonus

This June gamers are going to have the opportunity to play the action-platforming goodness that Alice: Madness Returns offers.   So far what we’ve seen of Alice: Madness Returns looks extremely promising and in a way it’s very much a continuation of what was featured in the original Alice game released way back in 2000.  The thing is, at this point not a lot of gamers who are going to play Alice: Madness Returns played the original Alice game, either because they were two or four years old when the game came out or because they didn’t have a proper PC gaming rig.

EA Releases New SSX Screens That Are Devoid Of Any Dudebroness

Maybe we all jumped the gun a bit when it came to EA’s new take on the SSX franchise.  But considering the initial reveal trailer for the game seemed like it was an excerpt from a CoD game (if CoD ever went the crazy route and did a game version of Extreme Ops) and as a whole was about as far from the essence of SSX as one could get.  The first impression is always the most important and EA honestly took a massive snowball to the face with SSX: Deadly Descents.

Is FIFA Street 4 In Development? [Rumor]

I may be an American but I absolutely love soccer or as my friends in the UK call it: football.  For some reason I’ve always enjoyed soccer way more than sports like baseball or football and subsequently I enjoy soccer games a lot, especially the FIFA franchise from Electronic Arts.  But despite my fandom of FIFA and soccer, I was never a big fan of the FIFA Street franchise despite its arcade approach to the sport.

Could Major Changes Be In Store For Madden?

There could be some changes inbound to the ever popular Madden football series based on word that several high level members of the development team jumping ship to a new studio.  According to a source of Pastapadre, several members of Tiburon (the studio that makes Madden) are leaving the studio and are possibly joining a newly created studio that focuses on social games.  Jumping from a major studio to one that focuses on social games may seem like its career su

New Alice: Madness Returns Screens Show That Beauty Comes In All Forms

Alice: Madness Returns may not necessarily be an entirely new IP but seeing as how this generation has brought nothing but yearly sequels and titles that almost shamelessly rip off popular games, the sequel to the 2000 released PC game American McGee’s Alice might as well be looked at as an IP.

SSX: Deadly Descents Gets A Name Change + New BTS Video

When Electronic Arts unveiled their SSX reboot last December at the Spike Video Game Awards, the reception amongst gamers was about as icy as one of the treacherous mountain peaks that are featured in the game.  Gamers were far from thrilled upon seeing SSX: Deadly Descents and instead of fist bumping or high-fiving their fellow gamers, loyal SSX fans were instead readying their pitchforks to show EA what they really thought of the game.

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