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Cast your vote for NHL 13's cover athlete

For the first time in franchise history, fans will get to vote on who will grace the cover of EA’s NHL series.

Starting today, a 60 player bracket is set-up to see, who will be on the cover of NHL 13. In the past, EA would choose a player whose outstanding performance made them the perfect candidate. Following in the suit of their Madden franchise, fans will now be able to choose who they would like to see.

Three rounds of voting will take place:

Mass Effect: Team Assault (FPS Multiplayer Game) Looks Ok In This Leaked Video

We haven’t had any good leaks lately in respect to footage of cancelled video game projects but that changes today with our first and only possible look at Mass Effect: Team Assault, the proposed Mass Effect spin-off game that was to be a competitive FPS entry in the series.

Grasshopper Manufacture's Akira Yamaoka Hopes To Do Shadows of the Damned Sequel

The games they create may never be mega hits but somehow Grasshopper Manufacture receives funding to either produce sequels or create new IPs. As a fan of the company I’m not complaining about such a thing as it’s just nice to see a studio live on and not necessarily hinge on every product having to be a two million+ units sold hit in order to stay afloat or receive funding.

A New Ending To Mass Effect 3 Is On The Way

Today brought the announcement some Mass Effect fans have been crying, petitioning, complaining and harassing for, a new ending to the series.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Bioware has faced heavy criticism over the ending of the newly released Mass Effect 3. Plot holes and canon have been tossed under the bus by fans who claim they never received the closure they deserve. 

Wing Commander Returns In An Impressive Fan Made Game

Longtime gamers may know that these days the space combat genre i.e. flying ships in space and blowing stuff up is virtually dead.  Here and there we may receive a decent offering that thankfully isn’t a twin-stick shooter but it’s nowhere near as active as the good old days in which X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter and Wing Commander reigned supreme.  The decline in the space combat genre is a bit of an odd thing to look at since one would think intense space battles would be a draw to gamers but alas that wasn’t the case and franchises like Wing Commander seemingly died off.

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Anime Movie Will Star James Vega

It has been almost a year since BioWare and EA announced with the collaboration of Funimation, that Mass Effect will have its own "epic science fiction adventure set in a vast universe filled with dangerous alien life and mysterious, uncharted planets" anime movie and according to some new recent information coming out of this year's annual South by Southwest festival currently going on in Austin, Texas, the anime move has its star.

Actor Confirms Army of Four, The Follow-Up To Army of Two

A lot of new franchises have come and gone this generation with some being absolute duds while others have made substantial improvements but never hit a homerun as far as appealing to gamers.  One franchise that has had a somewhat interesting history is the Army of Two franchise from EA.

New Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning DLC Incoming in March.

Big Huge Games announced today that their epic RPG hit, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will receive brand new story DLC that will be release for Reckoning fans in March. This will be Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning second story DLC, the first being House of Valor DLC pack which was available for free for those who purchased the game new.

Visceral Games Montreal Working On Frostbite 2.0 Project. Is It Dead Space 3? [Rumor]

For whatever reasons they may have, EA has yet to announce the next installment of the Dead Space franchise.  With rumors pointing to a third entry being in the works, with possible spin-off games set in various genres, we all know that EA is working on a new Dead Space game but they’ve remained silent about when we could see it.

Guerrilla Games Co-Founder Leaves Studio For Position At EA

Changes could be abound at Killzone developer Guetrilla Games as a key figure within the company has left for greener pastures. Company co-founder Arjan Brussee has left Guerrilla Games in favor of landing an Executive Producer gig at Electronic Arts, in particular the Visceral Games label.  Arjan’s new role at EA will see him assume Directing duties on a new high-level IP being helmed by Visceral which of course we know absolutely nothing about at the moment.

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