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Xbox 360

TIC: Part 1 [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Ultimately, I would hardly recommend this game. The message, while earnest, graced my TV with all the subtlety of a kick to the butt. However, if you're some sort of giant genius squirrel and have a thing about collecting different coloured acorns, then maybe this is right up your alley.

The Pros: 

+Kind of cute

+Music is good if a little repetitive

+Good groundwork for a concept

The Cons: 


-Preachy intro

-Graphics so-so

-Concept could use a lot of expansion

-Not very challenging

-VERY repetitive Rating : 

TIC Part 1, the winner of 2nd Place in Dream.Build.Play 2011, is a quick indie game that had a good foundation but found itself falling short. While I have no real problem with games with environmental messages (such as Flower), I felt like the introduction to the game sort of slapped it right on there by outright telling you the villains were "Capitalist robots" known as EvilCorp, whose vendetta against you involves drilling your world for its natural resources. 

Guardian Heroes [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Guardian Heroes was brought back from the grave to remind us that this is possibly one of the best beat-em-up games ever made.

The Pros: 

+Dynamic story choices and different endings gives much replayability to the game.

+The stunning remastered graphics give a new shine on an old classic.
The Cons: 

-Playing through story mode makes the beginning levels very boring. Rating : 

Guardian Heroes was developed by Treasure and released on Sega Saturn in 1996. The latter fact alone might've sealed its fate as one of those great-but-you-missed-it titles, be it not for the fact that Sega mercifully resurrected it for Xbox Live Arcade. The result is a great visual and mechanical update to an underground classic.

Space Channel 5: Part 2 [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Space Channel 5: Part 2 is a fun and vibrant rhythm game that despite being nearly a decade old has aged extremely well. The buttery beats are still fresh and dishing out moves to destroy evil robots and agents of the Rhythm Rogues is simple yet offers a nice, if slightly steep, challenge.  If you never played Space Channel 5 Part 2 then I recommend having a go with Ulala as the intergalactic journey offered in the game is a classic.

The Pros: 

+ Gameplay is still fun and doesn’t feel too archaic.

+ Visuals look good on a HD platform, even with some noticeable jaggies.

+ Music soothes my soul in how varied and catchy it is.

+ Tone of the game is completely silly but it’s so damn fun.

The Cons: 

- Difficulty spikes may be a bit much for new players.

- Controls feel a bit unresponsive here and there. Rating : 

Going into a video game and not hacking and slashing everything or engaging in ruthless gun battles may be shocking to some, but I for one welcome the change of pace every now and then.  Gamers are of course used to getting some action through puzzle games or simulation racers, but there aren’t too many games out there that take a completely original approach to something which while bucking a genre trend is still entertaining.  Back in 2002 Sega released Space Channel Five: Part 2, the sequel to the raucous dancing sci-fi romp that hit the Dreamcast in 1999.

Forza Motorsport 4 [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Forza 4 is less of a game, and more of an experience. It encompasses every racing fantasy that you've ever had, and presents it to you with both gorgeous graphics, visceral sound bites and the raw 'feel' that all proper racing games need to have. Forza does a bit better than pull it all off, it nails it, making it the best of all worlds in the racing genre, and my personal new favourite sim.

The Pros: 

+Ultra-realist graphics that help pull you into the world.

+One of the best feelings to a racing game. 

+Autovista feature allows you to get up-close and personal with a wide-birth of vehicles.

+Insane amounts of customization.

+Expansive car list.

+Race viritually every major circuit world-wide.

+The addition of the Top Gear track and Jeremy Clarkson make it huge win for fanboys.

The Cons: 

-The uncanny valley on the cars' dashboards can get a bit annoying.

-Navigation of the games massive list of features can be a little wonky.

-The Kinect features feel a little tacked on/useless for the most part. Rating : 

I'm going to be completely honest. I've never played a Forza title. Well, at least not for any significant amount of time. As someone that grew up with a family of automotive enthusiasts, I love cars and the idea of getting to tool around with vehicles that will never be within my price-range has always been an intriguing one, but I honestly didn't think anyone could do it better than Gran Turismo. As far as realism goes, that has always been the game that defined racing simulation for me.

Oozi: Earth Adventure Episode 1

Overall Feeling: 

Oozi is a very classic 2D platformer, and outside of the first two levels which are rather boring, it can be a very enjoyable game to pick up.

The Pros: 

+Cute, and bright colors help bring the earlier levels to life

+Sounds are rather satisfying

+Great as a pick up and play title

The Cons: 

-After the first few levels it fails to go anywhere new

-Scenery gets repetitive early on

-Nothing unique to make you seek out this 2D platformer

-Soundtrack does not fit the later levels at all Rating : 

As an indie game developer it's tough breaking in to any genre of game; let alone one that is arguably the most beloved and perfected genre to date: the 2D platformer. That's not to say that this title, Oozi Earth Adventure Ep. 1, does anything wrong. In fact it achieves everything it went for rather well, and it is in no way broken. However, in this day and age if you fail to strive for anything new, or take risks, your title will fall short and be swallowed up by the hundreds of other similar titles; such is the case here.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

One of great Resident Evil titles that still stands out after 10 years; with or without that HD shine.

The Pros: 

+ Great Resident Evil nostalgic gaming

The Cons: 

-Clunky controls.

-HD makeover doesn't really improve the graphics. Rating : 

Back in 2000, Capcom released Resident Evil Code: Veronica for the Sega Dreamcast. After seeing two more ports one for the Sony's PlayStation 2 in 2001 and the other for Nintendo's Gamecube in 2003, which of course was when the "X" was added to original title, Resident Evil Code: Veronica X once again rises from the grave to scare up PS3 and Xbox 360 owners this time in High Definition.

Resident Evil 4 HD [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

A re-release of one of the most successful Resident Evil game in its franchise, Resident Evil 4 HD is a worthy download complete with a HD makeover and some new achievements/trophies to unlock.

The Pros: 

+ New HD Shine

+ Achievements & Trophies Added

The Cons: 

- Some control issues Rating : 

It has been six years since the initial release of Capcom's Resident Evil 4 for the Nintendo GameCube, and eventual port to PlayStation 2. Now Capcom is providing the option once again to either replay the experience all over again or take part in the adventure for the very first time.

RAGE [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The unique character design, impressive world that has been created and stunning use of idTech5 along with their 'megatextures' do little more than provide a breath-taking mask to otherwise bland shooter. At the end of the day RAGE feels little more than a re-skinned version of DOOM made by a group of people that were inspired by Mad Max and Borderlands.

The Pros: 

+Unique story telling

+Graphically impressive

+Awesome character design

+Unique weapons

+Solid co-op experience

+Ammo types drastically influence battle

The Cons: 

-Mediocre Feeling FPS

-Buggy, especially without install

-Doesn't have a real 'wow' factor beyond its look

-Repeative mission structure

-'Open world' is just a juncture between repeating zones Rating : 

RAGE is something that I've been personally waiting for on bated breath. When it was originally announced back at QuakeCon 2007, it was the 'mega textures' and 'idTech5' showcase that started to blow everyone away. Beyond that though, the game was looking like it was going to take everything that Borderlands had already done, and ramped it up with all kinds of improvements to the style and specifically the graphics of the game.

BloodRayne: Betrayal [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Betrayal feels like a positive move forward for the BloodRayne series overall, but the game itself doesn't go far enough to buck with the game's middling past. The art and concept are brilliant, but the actual feel of the game and combat system do leave something to be desired.

The Pros: 

+Side-scrolling is a great new direction for the series.

+The art is unique, and eye-catching.

+Shorter/Downloadable title seems a better place for BloodRayne.

The Cons: 

-Ridiculous scoring system.

-Lack of tutorials/guidance.

-Very mediocre revamp of an already middling game-series. Rating : 

A couple of weeks back saw the return of Bloodrayne. The good news is that it is a far departure from the previous games and movies (if you were a fan of either, I'm sorry for you). The bad news though is that it doesn't bring anything all that compelling on interesting to the table.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Deus Ex: Human Revolution comes as close to deliverying on its campaign promises as any game has ever dared before. The story line is an epic web of conspiracies and lies interwoven with a question of humanity and what it means to each player. By the end of the game you'll have created your own individual Adam Jensen whose final choice may surprise even you. 

The Pros: 

+Brilliant sci-fi noir-esque story.

+Interesting and relatable characters.

+Plenty of replay value.

+Deep and expansive world with plenty to do and see.

+An almost unpressidented level of 'play how you want'.

The Cons: 

-The game does heavily favor stealth, if that's now how you play/wanted to play you can miss out on some of the side-quests/rewards of the game. Rating : 

Just over two years ago now I was lead into a private booth on the floor of E3 to catch my first glimpse of Human Revolution. The demo that I saw then would set an impossibly high bar that no game could ever match. The demo show cased gorgeous cinematics, stealth-oriented gameplay, ridiculous take-downs in the form (in single, double, and five-at-a-time varieties) combined with dialog from the development team; which wound up selling me with one quote: "You can play through the entire game without killing anyone."

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