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Red Dead Redemption

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Totally different games. I know BC 2 is great, and that RDR is going to be great. Since my YLoD incident I'm now starting to recover and starting to start saving for future games (yes, MGS FTW!). By the time RDR releases I'll surely have enough money saved for it and MGS as well.

If it's possible I would get both, but if there's another game I'll like to get later on the year then I'll probably save the money I would spend on BC 2. Or probably use that money for the MW 2 DLC when it comes out on PSN.

Aid me on this: Already having a shooter like MW 2 that will get more DLC than the maps released, is it worth it to get BC 2 over RDR? I don't plan to wait when it releases to check the reviews, I'll probably pre-order it.

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