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This is crazy.

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How many good games being announced on E3? Too many, and it's very hard to decide which to buy. Obviously the best, the new MGSs, GoW III, MAG or MW, Uncharted 2 (Which means the 1st one). Man, each game  I said are great, that would be 5 games!!! Oh oh, time to start saving and cleaning up some space, and get ready for a wild ride. Jesus, I still have buy Portable Ops before Peace Walker releases, and that was like in '05s E3!!

One question: Since I'm new to this, as I'm a passionate gamer since like 1 and a half year ago, has E3 ever been like crazy as this? Because, I'm going mad, and buying so many games seems mind blanking to me, and I don't even work as I'm only 15 years old. Gees.Yell