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Fairytales Fights Coming to XBLA & PSN

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Israel Vazquez
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Playlogic is bringing Fairytales Fights to the X360 & PS3. The game will allow players to control one of four playable fairytale characters among them Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White and then hack their way through levels which will be based on various fairytales. There will be over 100 different items that will be available to use as weapons on enemies that will include gingerbread men, gnomes, villagers and fat children. The game will feature features dynamic slicing, basically slice or dismember your enemies and their limbs will slide right off which will make for a more bloody gaming experience. Players will also will able to perform Glory attacks which slows down the gameplay and pop up a picture-in-picture window that will show the brutality up close and in great detail. Allowing players to cut with precision and admire their own handywork as enemies fall to pieces. The title so far will support 4 player offline co-op and 2 player online co-op but they are trying to get 4 player online co-op before title launch. Put this baby on my want list right now.