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Mass Effect 2 Coming to the PS3?

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Israel Vazquez
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As you know Mass Effect, one of the most awesome games you'll ever play, have been exclusive to the X360 though it is rumored that the sequel may be coming to the PS3 as well. Two websites has the game listed for the PS3. One is an Australian online video game retailer called Game and the other is the EA Russian website. Personally I think its coming to the PS3 eventually whether it's releases on the same day with X360 and PC or releases at a later date remains to be seen. My notion came about when Bioware decided to release the Blood Dragon Armor bonus DLC that just happens to be useable in Mass Effect 2 as well. Despite their claims that the it wouldnt matter if you had bought a PS3 version of Dragon Age and yet the armor would had work with other platforms. Then why would you even offer it to PS3 players unless you know that Mass Effect 2 would eventually be out for PS3.