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Rockstar to announce PS3 exclusive at E3?

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Rumours abound that Rockstar will announce a new IP at E3. Furthermore, the IP in question is PS3 exclusive!

Back in the Summer of 2007, many Sony fans were still licking their wounds from the news that the latest Grand Theft Auto title (a series that had been a Playstation exclusive for years) would be released on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It was, however, around this time that Sony and Rockstar agreed a deal for Rockstar's latest IP to be released solely on the Playstation 3 platform. Jack Trenton, the CEO of SCEA at that time even claimed that Sony had, in fact, allowed Grand Theft Auto IV to be released on the Xbox 360 in order to secure the exclusivity of Rockstar's new IP.

Since then, two years have passed with no tangible information regarding this new IP being released. But, an article on has hinted that Rockstar may well announce their new IP at this years E3. It's still only a rumour, and neither Rockstar nor Sony have commented on it. Regardless, it certainly makes the run up to an already exciting E3, that little bit more interesting.

Source (Rockstar agrees exclusive with Sony)
Source (Rockstar's new IP to be unveiled at E3)

I'm certainly interested in Rockstar's new IP (though I am somewhat concerned too). Despite Trenton's claims, I refuse to accept that Sony would willingly allow one of their biggest exclusives to release on their main rivals console too. Even if Rockstar's new IP is destined for success in the eyes of Sony, surely potential cannot account for actual sales (as would be the case with Grand Theft Auto IV). Seems more likely that Sony dropped the ball, and this is a step towards recoverly. Of course, it won't be until the new IP is revealed that we'll be able to even guess as to whether Sony's deal will pay off.


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