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Uncharted 2 beta details

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Don't forget that the beta starts this Wednesday for people who got in via Qore and for those who got vouchers from Infamous.


When you boot up the beta you’ll find we’ve included 2 playlists for
you to try out: co-op and competitive. If you’ve got friends, we’ve
made it easy to play together – just hit the triangle button to see
your PSN friends list and you can send them an invite, join their
party, or just check out their profile. Keep in mind that for the beta,
the party size is limited to 5 for competitive and 3 for co-op!


The competitive playlists contains 2 maps, with 2 game types available
on each: Deathmatch and Plunder. Deathmatch is pretty similar to what
you’ve come to expect out of “team deathmatch” in other games. Plunder
is Naughty Dog’s take on “capture the flag.” At the start of a round,
we’ve placed a treasure in a neutral location on the map and the first
team to bring it back to their capture chest scores a point – three
points to win. What takes this mode into the UNCHARTED universe? Easy;
you can now throw the treasure quite a ways in any direction – in some
cases, you’ll HAVE to if you want to score a point.

The biggest thing to keep in mind while playing in competitive matches
is to keep thinking three dimensionally. There are many, many different
places to climb, hide, and shoot from above ground level. The best
advice I can give: remember to look up. And keep moving – if you stay
in one place too long, you are likely to have your neck snapped from
behind or even be pulled off the ledge you are perched on!

As for the cooperative playlist, we’ve put in a snippet of one of our
co-op experiences. Our co-op setups are really rocking right now with
three people playing as Drake, Sully, and Chloe as they fight their way
through a war-torn city to recover a treasure worth a fortune. In this
mode, teamwork is everything and running off alone is a sure way to get
killed. Thankfully, in most cases – except for, say, being blown up
—you’re not out of the game. If you’ve been downed, you can be revived
by one of the other players before your timer runs out! If everyone
wipes, you start at the last checkpoint you passed, but be careful, if
everyone wipes three times the match is over and you have to start over
again. Oh, and keep an eye out on the combo meter on the upper right of
the screen. Keep your combo meter increasing by getting kills, picking
up treasures or completing objectives and you’ll get a multiplier to
the points and cash you’re accumulating. Enemy kills are worth
different point amounts depending on what gun you used, so experiment
to get the best results. I’ll give you a hint, pistols are awesome.

A quick note on your rank and the Profile screen. You are ranked on the
total amount of online cash you have earned. This includes both the
co-op and competitive modes, so you can rank up either way. In
competitive, you earn cash for defeating enemies, and earning medals.
In co-op, you earn cash for your point score and by earning medals. You
can see your rank both next to your name in the lobby and scoreboard,
as well as in the Profile screen. In the Profile screen you can see
your rank and how far until the next level, you can select Boosters to
give yourself a leg up in competitive multiplayer, and select your
player skins for competitive multiplayer. Remember to select your
boosters before playing competitive multiplayer, and be aware that
boosters do not apply in the co-op playlist.

Info from the PlayStation Blog.