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Sideshow Collectibles Reveals Their First Dead Space Product

Purveyor of some of the best cool yet expensive statues on the market right now, Sideshow Collectibles has revealed their latest video game based product.  After giving us high-end statues and maquettes of characters such as Kratos, Lara Croft, and Agent 47, Sideshow Collectibles has given us our first high-end product based on the Dead Space franchise.  Fans of the sci-fi horror series may already have a few of the Dead Space action figures produced by NECA, but I think those pale in comparison when compared to a massive 16” inch tall statue of series protagonist Isaac Clarke.

Adorned in his armor from the first Dead Space game, the Isaac Clarke statue should put an immediate smile on the face of any Dead Space fan, especially those with expendable income since the statue doesn’t come cheap. Just like the Kratos statue and other products in the 16” inch line, the Isaac Clarke statue will retail for $274.99.  In a perfect world such items would have a lower price point to ensure everyone can pick up one, but given the low production runs and general high quality that Sideshow puts into their products the price is in a way more than justified.

There aren’t any major features to the Isaac Clarke statue, but it does include visor that can light up along with featuring a general action pose of Isaac standing above a dead Necromorph.  I must say that it would’ve been amazing to see a statue featuring Isaac in his advanced Dead Space 2 armor, but the statue as a whole is really impressive and appears to be loaded with detail. Not only does Isaac’s armor appear to have a lived-in look through scuffs and small amounts of rust, but seeing blood on his arms and visor really nails the Dead Space vibe in my book.

If you’re a hardcore Dead Space fan and want to pick up the Isaac Clarke statue then head over to Sideshow Collectibles’ website and pre-order the damn thing before it sells out.