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Papo & Yo Returns With A Slightly Different Look

Last year I saw a great many games at E3 but one that impressed me a lot was Papo & Yo, a PSN exclusive indie game from developer Minority.  Announced before E3 kicked off, Papo & Yo immediately had my interest since it looked unique visually and the plot of the game served as an allegory of sorts for a child dealing with an abusing parent, represented in the game through the sometimes friendly but sometimes vicious Monster.  Actually playing the game, albeit in an early and slightly rough form, still left me impressed and confident that Minority would be able to hit on the somewhat high level elements they were striving for.

Since E3 2011 not much has been said about Papo & Yo but the game has finally emerged with a slightly different look.  When I played the game at E3 last year things looked good visually but it was clear that the game was in an early state and that changes would be made.  Now almost a year later the game has undergone a nice graphical upgrade but has also received a major facelift in how Monster looks.  Revealed on the PlayStation Blog by Minority Creative Director Vander Caballero, Monster still retains his red color and horn, but he now sports a sleeker look compared to the somewhat heavy Monster of old.

Vander delves into the process of designing Monster in his post on the PS Blog and how artist Nilo Rodis helped design the character.  I do like the new look for Monster but it will have to take some getting used to since the previous design was already engrained in my memory, more so after interacting with it in the E3 2011 demo.  The lack of immediate texture on the new version of Monster is a bit distressing, but hopefully that’s something that will be addressed as Minority continues development of the game.

Papo & Yo hasn’t been shown to the public in a huge way just yet, but from what I saw at E3 last year and having talked to Vander, who btw is an amazing man, Papo & Yo is one of my most anticipated games of 2012 – of any system.  It’s really nice to see more of the game and I can’t wait to see how Minority will tackle the emotional relationship that revolves around the player and the interaction they have with Monster.