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THQ Won't Be Sued Into Oblivion By Adidas, miCoach Game Set For Release

THQ has caught a slight break as they won’t be engaged in a long-term lawsuit with a major clothing company. As you may have heard, clothing manufacturer and maker of fine shoes Adidas was suing THQ for the hefty sum of $10 million over their miCoach game.  A relatively low-key game that likely wasn’t going to make a huge splash, Adidas claimed that THQ essentially broke the contract they signed regarding miCoach and subsequently refused to hand over the assets of the game so Adidas could release with the game with a different publishing/developer partner.

Details in the lawsuit were somewhat scarce, but the rough details of it didn’t seem to be good for THQ as the company is likely in a small state of financial disarray.  But it seems like THQ was able to catch a break as the lawsuit with Adidas has been settled.  Thanks to the very hush-hush nature of lawsuits and settlements it isn’t clear how much money THQ had to pay Adidas or what other long-term ramifications the company faced.  What we do know is that Adidas will be able to publish the miCoach game with a different partner in the near future and THQ is simply in a corner with their hands in their pockets trying to wonder why no one likes them.

The lawsuit THQ was slapped with at the hands of Adidas could’ve been a major issue for the company so it’s nice to hear that things have been resolved and THQ won’t be ended by a fashion company.  I don’t know how many gamers or industry followers were worried about this news, but in the end it likely won’t be a major black mark on the ever growing list of issues THQ has faced, the greatest of which will be missing the potential goldmine that would’ve been releasing an Avengers video game in May.

Where THQ will go after this lawsuit is anyone’s guess at this time but it’s going to be interesting, in a slightly morbid sort of way, what E3 is going to be like for the company.  Will THQ stand up proud and make a last stand or will it be obvious that death is lurking by to claim its next victim?


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