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First Peek at Borderlands 2 Special Editions & New DLC Info

Gearbox Software revealed some interesting new developments concerning their upcoming highly anticipated RPG/Shooter, Borderlands 2 at this year's PAX East.

The first exciting news is that Borderlands 2 will see the inclusion of a fifth character class. Yes you read right, a fifth class will join the Pandora fray breaking up the usual four character class team. The fifth class will be a Mechromancer class. The actual character is still in development but apparently it is a cyber-woman that has the ability to control mechanized units. Perhaps we are getting a Claptrap snake charmer? The Mechromancer will be available as DLC to all who purchase the game.

So does this introduction of a fifth class will make for five player co-op in Borderlands 2 or will it remain limited to four players co-op only? Hopefully as Gearbox fully develop this new character, more info will be revealed.

The second exciting news that may excite Borderlands 2 fans unless of course you are money conscious gamer, is that there will be two special editions of Borderlands 2 that will be released alongside the standard edition on September 18th.

The Deluxe Vault Hunters Edition will include a Marcus Kincaid bobble head doll and will retail for about $100. The Ultimate Loot Chest Edition will include Borderlands loot chest replica and will include Marcus Kincaid bobble head doll as well. No price is known yet for the Ultimate Loot Chest Edition but I'm guessing $130-$150 range. Both editions will also include additional items that will be revealed at a later time. You can take a peek at the loot chest replica and the bobble head doll below in the picture.

Finally for those who have a Borderlands game save will get a free custom character skin and a unique head for each class that you can utilize to customize your new character in Borderlands 2.


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