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Sony Reveals That A Sequel To The Legend of Dragoon Almost Happened

PlayStation fans may need a tissue box as word has arisen concerning a cult PlayStation classic.  Most of us know the big PlayStation franchises like Uncharted, LBP, MLB The Show, and Killzone – all of which are on the PS3.  But back in the era of the PS1 there was one title that stuck out for a lot of people because it was something different for Sony: an original RPG.  Released on the PS1 was The Legend of Dragoon, an RPG that didn’t totally try to copy Final Fantasy but instead presented an RPG world that some gamers fell in love with.

Despite the popularity of the PS1 The Legend of Dragoon wasn’t a huge hit for one reason or another.  The game sold well and received solid reviews but it was far from being on the level Final Fantasy was at the time. Jump ahead over a decade and The Legend of Dragoon has remained dormant aside from living on in the minds of people or occasionally being played on the PS1 in a moment of nostalgia.  But it appears Sony had plans for The Legend of Dragoon – keyword being had.

SCE Worldwide Studios Present Shu Yoshida revealed on the PS Blog today that a sequel to The Legend of Dragoon was indeed at production at some point.  Yoshida didn’t go into a lot of details on the matter but he revealed that LOD2 was in production at SCEJ but was ultimately cancelled for unknown reasons.  One can assume that LOD2 was in production for the PS2, Yoshida mentions the game was in production after he left SCEJ in 2000, so we don’t have yet another case of SCEJ screwing something up due to the mass mismanagement that has plagued the studio this generation on the PS3.

Cancelling a game isn’t a big deal since we’re all used to it, but I wonder what caused Sony to put the kibosh on The Legend of Dragoon 2.  Was developing an RPG to a game with relatively small name recognition not worth it in the end or did some other issues crop up? We likely won’t know anytime soon unless Yoshida speaks on the topic more or someone from the dev team speaks up. 

While Legend of Dragoon fans may be tearing up over the cancellation news at least they can look forward to replaying the original game on the PSN.  The original PS1 classic is coming to the PSN on May 1st so if you’re in need for an RPG fix or want to relive the experience the game offered then you won’t have to wait too long.  I don’t know if the outcry concerning the cancellation of Legend of Dragoon 2 will be enough to make Sony think about a new sequel again, but one can always hope that Yoshida will keep his options open as Sony has been lacking an RPG presence in their 1st party offerings.