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The Avengers May Receive A Video Game After All

By now most of you out there have already seen the amazing film that is The Avengers. I myself haven’t checked it out just yet, but from what I’ve heard the movie is pretty much a masterpiece not only when looked upon as a comic book movie but as a general action/Hollywood blockbuster flick.  

The one interesting thing about the release of The Avengers is that it didn’t have a companion video game tie-in.  Video game tie-in projects can usually be crap but with The Avengers I think if you gave us the most basic concept it still would’ve been received with open arms if it allowed us to smash stuff as the Hulk.

THQ’s attempt at making a game based on The Avengers may have been foiled by their financial issues, but Marvel may have something else in the works. While Marvel and its corporate overlord Disney have yet to publicly detail their plan in the video game arena we may be lucky as a game based on The Avengers could be in the works. 

Uncovered by Fusible, Marvel has registered the domain name for a project called Avengers: Battle For Earth.  In the grand scheme of things such a name may not be a biggie as it could be tied to one of the many animated/web-based/comic projects Marvel has going on but what’s interesting is that the domain is named on a server owned by Ubisoft.  So will the French based company best known for giving us Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, and the Raving Rapids be giving us some superhero goodness in the future?

This latest development concerning The Avengers is interesting given what happened with THQ’s project and the general situation of Marvel and Disney.  Back when Marvel was acquired by Disney it was believed that the company would slowly reacquire the video game rights to properties such as the Hulk and Captain America, both of which were given to Sega but are no longer with the company.  Disney hasn’t said a peep about what their plan is with Marvel video games, but it seems like the company won’t be producing everything in-house based on this Avengers development – that’s if it pans out in the way we all hope it will.

Details involving THQ’s Avengers game are still hidden away in a galaxy that may only be found by the Silver Surfer, but one would assume that Marvel may have regained all assets for the project once THQ screwed up and had to relinquish the project.  So will Ubisoft pick up the pieces from will THQ left off or will we receive an action packed 3rd person superhero game built on the same tech that powers Assassin’s Creed?

I think the bigger question at hand is whether or not Ubisoft would be the proper company to do an Avengers game and if this project will this pan out to be a game for the HD platforms and not a weird social/iOS game.  Ubisoft has talent but will we receive an Avengers game made with the same care and attention as Assassin’s Creed or will we get the side of Ubisoft that made Lost: Via Domus?  The formula of The Avengers almost writes itself as far as a video game goes but there’s still plenty of room to screw things up in ways that could result in plenty of fanboy tears.

Since E3 is coming up soon maybe we’ll see Ubisoft wow us with a Marvel partnership or maybe the only true Avengers video game experience we’ll see in the next few months is the new stage in Pinball FX 2.  I’m always open to more superhero games so here’s hoping Ubisoft delivers the goods with a video game adaptation of The Avengers that does the property justice.