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EX Troopers Debut Trailer Isn't Complete Garbage

Yesterday the question some gamers were asking themselves was “Why is this being made?”  The game that led to such a question being asked was none other than Capcom’s newly announced PS3/3DS title EX Troopers.  A spin-off of the Lost Planet franchise, EX Troopers was revealed to be an anime inspired action/adventure game with light RPG elements and plenty of bug eyed human characters to fulfill the anime quota. Far from being one of Capcom’s mega franchises, the fact that Lost Planet was receiving a spin-off seemed odd, especially prior to the release of Lost Planet 3, but EX Trooper may not be all that bad.

Perhaps I’m just a sucker for trailers that have Japanese pop music playing in them, but EX Troopers doesn’t look as terrible as we thought it would be based on the debut trailer Capcom released today.  The game certainly features a stripped down appearance compared to the previous Lost Planet games, but the anime visuals do have a nice pop to them despite a few rather noticeable graphical issues such as lack of details and overly flat textures.  

What excites me about EX Troopers is that it kind of looks old-school in a sense.  For the past couple of years Capcom seems to be excessively catering to Western audiences in games such as Dead Rising and the forthcoming Resident Evil 6, but EX Troopers looks like an old-school Capcom game with its combat and inclusion of things like a hub world.  I’m not too thrilled at the notion of interacting with characters that fulfill every sort of anime archetype (gruff guy, nerdy kid, buxom female wearing snow boots with high-heels), but perhaps the basic approach Capcom is taking with the game will prove to be better than the overly serious and downright laughable tales they’ve told in their recent games.

EX Troopers may not have the same epic gameplay as found in Lost Planet 2, but seeing as how this is Lost Planet: Anime Edition I’m happy that the game isn’t a complete carbon copy of what we’ve seen before.  The core combat of EX Troopers does seem a bit simplistic, but as long as there’s mech action I’m there day 1 since anime + mechs has never resulted in me being disappointed.

Capcom still hasn’t announced whether EX Troopers will be released outside of Japan, but it could be one of Capcom’s “surprises” for E3.