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Crytek's Kinect Brawler Ryse Is Still Alive For Now


Games come and go either because they get cancelled or they get released only to earn fame or in some cases earn a decent amount of scorn and hatred.  The video game business is an interesting one as there are also games which we forget about simply because they disappear and we’re too busy to notice.  With half a dozen games announced every couple of months and people being preoccupied playing new releases, it’s not too uncommon for known games to be forgotten about since they only show up once a year.  

Despite not being at E3 this year, the Kinect based brawler Ryse is still a thing according Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer.  The Crytek developed Kinect brawler set within ancient Rome hasn’t really been discussed in the past two years despite the hype Microsoft and Crytek initially set for it.  Last seen at Microsoft’s E3 2011 press conference, the concept of Ryse seemed solid enough but the lack of direct gameplay and additional details made some worry as to whether the game would be the latest in an ever growing list of Kinect duds.

"We're still building Ryse. It's not something we'll be shipping in the next twelve months,” said Spencer in an interview with The Verge.  Late last year rumors surfaced which pointed to Ryse possibly forgoing this generation of consoles in favor of being a potential next-gen Xbox title as a LinkedIn profile hinted at such.  Spencer potentially shot down next-gen Ryse rumors by saying that “Yes I can play it on my 360.”  

I would hope that a playable version of Ryse exists on the 360 based on how long the project has been in development but should we take Spencer’s comments completely at face value? If Ryse isn’t coming out within the next twelve months then it’ll likely ship in the latter half of 2013 – presumably when Microsoft may launch their next-gen console.  Unless Microsoft wants to send Ryse to die or to serve as the last hurrah for the Xbox 360, we may see what we initially saw when the Xbox 360 first launched through a bevy of launch games that are on both the 360 and the next-gen Xbox. It wouldn’t be too shocking to see a bunch of 3rd party studios put forth dual releases as it would present a double whammy of potential revenue even if gamers may not be totally pleased with the first crop of next-gen offerings.

The update on Ryse may not be completely encouraging for those sixteen people still looking forward to the game, but considering I completely forgot the game existed while I was at E3 I think we should be happy Microsoft choice to say anything about it.  It’s a bit disconcerting how Microsoft has handled their 1st party projects in the past few years, but to delve into that and how the Kinect has been handled is a story for another day.