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Footage Of The Expendables 2: The Video Game Is Beyond Description [Update]

The extent that video game and movie companies will go in order to reach a profit is frightening sometimes. Knowing that a studio has sunk millions upon millions of dollars to create a film only to throw a mere penny or two to develop a video game and in turn potentially diminish the property is just asinine but at this point that’s simply the natural order of things.  There’s not much else to say about how terrible games based on movies can be but what do you think the result will be when a game based on The Expendables 2 is made?

Without going into a long ramble about how awesome the movie may be, it’s safe to say that The Expendables 2 will be a pretty kick ass movie. Sure, the first flick had a few issues, but with the addition of movie Hollywood action legends in the cast, Arnold Schwarzenegger ripping doors off cars, and Jean-Claude Van-Damme walking around in such a boss way that it could rival Bane in the badass movie villain department could result in The Expendables 2 ticking all the right boxes for the action movie going audience.

So what do you get when you take the concept of The Expendables and transform it into a video game? Well apparently you get a game of low quality as evident by this recently leaked gameplay video. Still not “officially” announced, rumors have it that Ubisoft is publishing The Expendables 2 for digital platforms such as the PSN and XBLA. Seeing as how Ubisoft has yet to share a shred of info about the project one can assume that the game is garbage and this brief gameplay video proves as much.

Based on the short gameplay snippet, it appears that The Expendables 2: The Video Game is a co-op centric isometric shooter that features a Sly Stallone impersonator that is more funny than it is badass.  Not a lot of gameplay footage is shown as a laughably bad cutscene instead takes up the majority of the two minute video.  

Instead of taking a note from Army of Two, which is the perfect dudebro game to copy, The Expendables 2 game looks like a more advanced version of the G.I. Joe game that came out a few years ago, which isn’t exactly a compliment considering I would rather endure water torture than having to play that game again.

I assume that The Expendables 2: The Video Game is still set for release but I expect Ubisoft to pull a Battle L.A.: The Game and announce the damn thing two weeks before the movie is out.  I know it may not look good, but I’m slightly looking forward to playing the epic trainwreck that will be the video game debut of The Expendables as it could bring a whole host of new memes, gifs, and inside jokes for the video game community to enjoy for years to come.

Btw I call dibs on Lee Christmas.


Lionsgate has kindly asked us to remove the video.