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A Capcom Veteran Joins The Dev Team Of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Another megaton announcement has come out of Sony today that pertains to an upcoming PS3 game that has been constantly debated since it was revealed.  So far the reception PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has received has been mostly good but there have definitely been those out there who either haven’t been impressed with the game or are weary of it given how similar it appears to Nintendo’s Smash Bros. franchise.  Particular feelings on PlayStation All-Stars are certainly justified, but now the game has earned some solid rep as none other than Seth Killian will be working on the project.

Chances are likely high that if you’re not a member of the core fighting game community you may not be familiar with Seth Killian. But for those of you out there who know Mr. Killian’s name and his rep then you’re likely doing mass high-fives with your buddies right now since this is some pretty major news. Formerly the main Community Manager and figurehead for Capcom’s fighting games, Seth Killian surprisingly left the company earlier this month to pursue other endeavors. 

At the time it was unknown if Seth bailed out at Capcom over how the company has handled certain things as of late (DLC, the SF x Tekken debacle), or if he had something better waiting in the wings. Obviously it’s now apparent that Seth had something better waiting for him as he’s now the newest member of Sony Santa Monica.  

Seth’s new gig at the powerhouse Sony studio will see him serve as the Lead Game Designer for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Basically Seth’s new position at Sony Santa Monica will have him crafting the feel of PlayStation All-Stars alongside the talented folks at SuperBot Entertainment.  

Seth may not have been a key development figure for games like SFIV, at least that we know off publicly, but he has always played a huge part in tweaking the games and more importantly listening to the community for feedback.  That along with Seth’s passion for all things fighting game related should ultimately pay off in the end and perhaps make PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale become a game that not only is fun but is solid top to bottom in every element that makes for a good brawler.

Seeing Seth join the development team of PlayStation All-Stars will also legitimize the game in the eyes of those in the fighting game elite, or at the very least make it seem more appealing than it may have previously looked.  Sony is even going so far as to include the game at EVO this month in a demo capacity, likely to show the game off and perhaps receive feedback from all the talented gamers who attend that event.

From what I played at E3 this year I think PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is on the right track but this news certainly is one of those next level type things that could result in the game simply being great. I guess we’ll see for sure once the game is released later this year.