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New Batch Of Star Wars 1313 Concept Art Show A "Gritty" Alien Setting

After putting us in a lull for the past three years LucasArts certainly got our hearts pumping with the reveal of Star Wars 1313. While it may have been yet another Star Wars based video game, it was nice to see LucasArts take a different direction with the franchise that thankfully wasn’t based around the Clone Wars or potentially leave the door open for more established lore to be bastardized through inept writing.

Star Wars 1313 definitely wowed us as the game looked stunning, perhaps a bit too stunning.  After a bit of question dodging by LucasArts it was revealed that Star Wars 1313 was running on Unreal Engine 3, but the question of whether the game was based on next-gen console specs or built upon high-end PC specs was what made gamers raise an eyebrow or two.

That big graphics question along with how LucasArts commented that the characters in the released video were merely placeholder made quite a few folks think that we were merely going to receive a repeat of the Force Unleashed incident, albeit one that is much prettier.

Whatever the situation may be with Star Wars 1313 at least we can all agree that it looks good visually, as evident by this new batch of concept art that LucasArts released today.  We likely won’t see a major media reveal for the game until next year or perhaps this year at the Spike VGAs if we’re lucky, but LucasArts decided to give the game a slight boost at Gamescom by releasing some screens of the dark and forcefully gritty criminal underworld the game will explore.

Definitely featuring a look that we may be familiar with, there is still a nice appeal in these conceptual images from Star Wars 1313 as I’m just happy not to see any Gungans or those annoying battle droids.  It would’ve been nice to see some in-game screens depicting the deep world that rests beneath Coruscant, but then the debate would’ve likely arose if they were complete bullshot screens or if they were indicative of what the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation will be capable of visually.

Perhaps with the might of ILM, you the know award winning team responsible for the effects in Jurassic Park and The Avengers, will give LucasArts that extra edge to make a visually appealing game while a tiny ounce of thought can be put into making a game that’s actually fun to play. If Star Wars 1313 can tap into a mere fragment of the atmosphere that Prey 2 had all while featuring gameplay that doesn’t come across as Uncharted in space then maybe we’ll have the first good Star Wars game in a long time.