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New State of Decay Video Offers A Glimpse Of Base Building

After being in development for ages with only small glimpses shown here and there, Undead Labs finally gave us a proper look at their 3rd person survival-action zombie game State of Decay. Bound for XBLA, State of Decay may seem like nothing more than the latest game to cash in on the still popular zombie fad, but beneath the head popping action the game provides is an experience which is rooted deep in fort building and making the best decisions to stay alive.

The debut trailer for State of Decay provided a decent look at the general tone of the game, but it didn’t quite sell or properly show the base building elements of the game.  Opting to not entirely focus on mindless zombie slaughtering, State of Decay will actually task players with building the best possible fortification to survive zombie attacks; which in the case of the game thankfully just doesn’t consist of nailing pieces of wood to broken windows.

Shown in this new video is a pretty simple run through of a main character building a garden. No, State of Decay won’t have Martha Stewart inspired gardening mini-games as building certain facilities such as Gardens, Medial Areas, or even Training Areas will boost the stats of the playable characters and even the NPC allies that help ward off the zombie menace.  Based on the video it seems like there’s a limit to how many facilities the player can build at a given fort so it’ll be interesting to see how gamers will tailor their experience since they can do whatever they please.

What I find to be impressive about this new glimpse at State of Decay is that building facilities will actually change how the world looks, or at least the land surrounding a particular fort.  Creating a garden simply doesn’t add a few shrubs as corn stalks and even pumpkins appear as the garden thrives.  Such a thing may sound pointless in a zombie game, but it does show us that Undead Labs is making true on their promise that gamers will be able to alter the land featured in State of Decay.

A release date still hasn’t been given for State of Decay, but seeing as how we’re seeing more footage in one week than we have in two years, one would assume that the game may be released shortly unless we’re all being trolled.