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LucasArts Registers New Star Wars Title (No, It's Not Battlefront 3)

LucasArts may finally be ready to reveal some of the projects they’ve been developing over the last two years as an interesting trademark registration has surfaced.  The video game branch of the George Lucas empire already announced the continuously enigmatic Star Wars 1313 earlier this year, but now we may see an even more action oriented Star Wars game in a possible FPS title.

Thanks to the trademark registrations made by LucasArts we now know that Star Wars: First Assault is something the studio may soon unveil.  Uncovered by Fusible, the trademark registration info has the typical description/legal jargon which covers a wide array of products since we all know George Lucas loves to make a buck whenever he can.  

What’s interesting about this new registration is that it somewhat jives with earlier reports that LucasArts was working on a FPS of some kind, once helmed by former Ubisoft Far Cry 2 lead Clint Hocking.  Details on Hocking’s former project never came to light, but a title such as First Assault kind of has that all too familiar generic vibe to it which marketing firms love to target the gaming demographic that enjoys shooting things up.  

With so little known about what First Assault could be at this point it’s obviously not wise to immediately think that it’s instantly a FPS or even a spiritual successor to the old PC/PS1 Rebel Assault series.  For all we know First Assault could merely be an iOS game that will once again crush the souls of Star Wars fan due to the mediocrity it provides. Though, if First Assault is a FPS and features Clone Trooper commandos with mohawks battling droids and features other such tired nonsense then I’ll immediately be on the floor laughing harder than Salacious B. Crumb.

But whatever First Assault ends up to be it certainly won’t be what we all want: a new Battlefront game. Despite footage from the Free Radical version surfacing earlier this year, absolutely no new rumors have come to light pointing to LucasArts putting a new developer on that project. At one point it was believed that Spark Unlimited (Lost Planet 3) was now handling Battlefront 3, but the studio quickly commented that they indeed made a prelim pitch to LucasArts but the company decided to pass. So yeah, fans of the Battlefront series can continue crying bitter tears for the foreseeable future.