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A Cabin in the Woods Video Game Made By Valve Was Almost A Thing

Video games based upon movies usually result in experiences that are simply depressing, but what if we were to see a game based upon a film as part of DLC for an ever popular gaming franchise? Well such a thing was close to becoming a reality but sadly was canned at the last second due to the nagging issue of a studio going bankrupt.

This news may displease fans of horror movies as a Left 4 Dead DLC expansion pack was being planned based upon the classic, at least in my mind, horror movie The Cabin In The Woods.  Released this past April, The Cabin In The Woods did an excellent job at exceeding the expectations of those who saw it and in turn provided a rather nice commentary on the state of horror films amidst slight riffs on our current society.  The real kicker is that none other than Valve and presumably original L4D developer Turtle Rock were set to bring the monster filled world of Cabin I The Woods alive in an interactive experience.

Revealed by Cabin director Seth Goddard in a recent AMA on Reddit, the would be Cabin In The Woods L4D expansion DLC was sadly killed due to the bankruptcy issues of MGM, the original distributor of the film, suffered while the film was in production. While film goers may have seen Cabin a few months ago, the film didn’t have the typical production cycle as it was actually completed in late 2009, early 2010. Sadly the lack of having money in the bank for MGM caused Cabin to sit on the shelf for nearly three years and in the process sadly killed any chances of a video game based upon the film being released.

Goddard went on to say that despite hating games based upon films he was actually excited to see the world he created with Joss Whedon come to life in a video game.  Besides allowing players to survive in the actual cabin, the game was also set to take place in that other place, which I won’t detail since I don’t want to spoil the film for those who haven’t seen it already.  Even though the Cabin game was killed way too soon, Goddard mentioned that the folks at Valve were nice enough to lend the film production team some of their monster designs, which you may be able to see a glimpse of towards the end of the movie.

Not receiving a L4D DLC expansion based on Cabin In The Woods feels like a missed opportunity to me.  The movie may not have gone on to acquire a massive box office, but it definitely has a cult following and the basis of the film would make for an amazing video game, even if it’s a slightly short one that may be over before we scratch the surface of things.  At this point it’s unknown if this project could ever be resurrected, but I have a feeling we would either need to see a Kickstarter happen to show that there is still interest in the concept if there isn’t a whole mess of legal/rights drama that would mean the game would never be able to happen.

We may not have a Cabin in the Woods game anytime soon, but at least we can pick up the film on Blu-ray/DVD.

P.S. Merman needs to be the second to last boss in the game.