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Halo: Forward Unto Dawn Episode 2 Is Now Available

It’s time yet again to see some live-action sci-fi goodness thanks to episode 2 of Halo: Forward Unto Dawn.  At times a series may have a few dips here and there, even Mortal Kombat: Legacy suffered such a thing, but things are held together rather nicely in the second episode of the new Halo series.

The debut episode of Halo: Forward Unto Dawn had a positive reaction amongst fans of the series, though some had minor quibbles with it, pertaining to things such as the designs of the Assault Rifle and cadet battle armor, which is to be expected given how loyal and specific Halo fans can be. However, episode 2 does build upon the somewhat obvious character building featured in the debut episode as there’s more growth to the characters yet such a thing comes with more of a welcomed boost.

Master Chief may still be M.I.A., got to wait until the finale for that, but Forward Unto Dawn is continuing to prove that a good Halo feature can be made without the iconic character.  Even for an outsider of the series such as I, Forward Unto Dawn has provided consistent entertainment so far and for that I’m happy with the series thus far.

Stay tuned on Shogun Gamer for another Halo: Forward Unto Dawn interview later today.