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Halo: Forward Unto Dawn Episode 3 Is Now Available

If you have been wanting Halo: Forward Unto Dawn to pick up some steam in a sense and go balls to the wall with action then you’re bound to be happy today.  Episode three of Halo: Forward Unto Dawn has been released today and as expected it picks up from the climatic end of episode 2, but from there it goes into full-on action mode that will likely have the hearts of the Halo nation in complete flutter mode.

So far Forward Unto Dawn hasn’t been slow but I’m sure Halo fans out there are wishing it had more action or even an extra glimpse or two at a Spartan soldier.  Well today episode 3 makes both of those wishes come true as we definitely have a Spartan tease (no, it’s not Master Chief glory mode to the max), and some incredible action that’s shot in a very original way.

The mixture of drama and a more grounded universe may not have totally gone over well with Halo fans, but I think episode 3 is where things all come together perfectly. Dramatic elements are still present which make the narrative more than an excuse to blow stuff but, though this time there is action yet it doesn’t feel too out of place.  If episode 3 is any indication of what we can expect next week then I think Halo: Forward Unto Dawn has finally hit its stride.