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Halo: Forward Unto Dawn Episode 4 Is Now Available

At long last the intense sci-fi action the Halo series is known to provide is present in Forward Unto Dawn. After the shocking turn of events in episode 3 which could’ve used a Drowning Pool song as background/end credits music, the latest episode of Forward Unto Dawn picks up and officially puts the action in overdrive mode.

With the UNSC’s Corbulo Academy under invasion by an unknown enemy, at least to them, the cadets must put their differences aside if they hope to survive.  If you’ve been wanting to see Halo action with soldiers firing their assault rifles, the occasional burst of blood, and Covenant soldiers killing people with their energy swords then you’re going to love this episode. Oh, if you’ve been waiting for that one other thing, the appearance of Master Chief, then perhaps that wish will be granted as well.

I know that things got off to a slow start with Forward Unto Dawn, but episode 4 is proof that the series wasn’t a bust and is indeed going to deliver on its promise of being a proper live-action version of Halo.  Even on a minimal budget the series has managed to provide some good visuals and a good sense of scale, especially in respect to portraying the Covenant without it looking like a bad SyFy weekend movie. 

We may not have gotten to a point in Forward Unto Dawn in which it’s obvious the entire budget was sunk in one episode, as was the case with the Cyrax/Sektor ep of Mortal Kombat: Legacy. Even still, it’s clear that the creative team pushed things as far as they could in this episode and such a thing only makes me wonder how crazy the series finale will be next week.