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Halo: Forward Unto Dawn Comes To A Close In Episode 5

For the past four weeks we’ve been treated to something that has been totally surprising: a live-action representation of Halo that is actually good.  However loyal the legions of Halo fans may be there was no doubt some skepticism about the quality of the first live-action endeavor, even if series shepherd 343 Industries was over seeing everything.  Things may have started off a little slow, but Halo: Forward Unto Dawn has proven itself as an entertaining effort and that certainly rings true of the finale episode.

With only a handful of Corbulo Academy cadets alive after the surprise attack by the Covenant, it’s up to Master Chief to help them get off the planet without any additional causalities, but that’s easier said than done.  After giving us a tease of some action in episode 3 and then giving us full on Master Chief glory shots in episode 4, the finale of Forward Unto Dawn will likely please every Halo fan, despite minor inconsistencies, and immediately make them want a series 2.

The finale of Forward Unto Dawn isn’t one long 17 minute action sequence as there is some drama which once again builds the character of Lasky, who of course will be appearing in Halo 4.  I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: as a non Halo fan I’ve been really impressed with Forward Unto Dawn.  The production values have been ace and it’s just nice to see some true sci-fi since there’s such an omission of it these days in TV and film.  

So far Halo: Forward Unto Dawn has been a hit based on episode views, but it’s unknown when or if Microsoft and 343 Industries will proceed with another series or something more substantial such as a movie.  Will we need to wait until Halo 5 to see another live-action endeavor or will Microsoft be keen on doing something sooner? And more importantly, what should a live-action Halo project tackle next?  Give me something like Band of Brothers in space and I’ll be there day 1.