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Script Excerpts Reveal Elements Of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 [Rumor]

We all knew that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series would continue since the closure of the central storyline in MW3, the departure of the creators from Infinity Ward, and the subsequent reshuffling IW received isn’t enough to stop the Modern Warfare machine in the eyes of Activision. 

Based on the end of Modern Warfare 3 there was the notion that the series may be poised for a quasi-reboot, think DmC, but details have surfaced which differ to that as Modern Warfare 4 could be a direct sequel.

Activision likely won’t unveil Modern Warfare 4 until April or May of 2013 in an attempt to build up hype for E3, but Siliconera has gotten wind of some details of the project. Previous reports had linked certain voice actors to Modern Warfare 4, but those were quickly shot down by all the involved parties. What we have today is completely fresh, both in what it reveals and the ties it has to the series.

According to insiders, Modern Warfare 4 will be set within the existing Modern Warfare universe and will feature a battlefield veteran with a nihilistic attitude. It’s unknown if this new protagonist will be fond of ferrets, but he will reportedly have an appropriately jaded personality as per lines that were supposedly taken from the script. 

The name of this new character is unknown, but at some point in the game he’ll say cheerful lines such as this, “Reminds you of Phuket, doesn’t it? Only this time the dust gives you cancer.”  It may not exactly be original but I guess it's adequate for the bitter battlefield tone that MW4 is striving for.

Previous details concerning MW4 have hinted at a possible futuristic edge, perhaps one surpassing what was featured in Black Ops 2.  Such elements may still be in place, but according to Siliconera’s insider MW4 will feature a cameo of sorts by none other than John “Soap” MacTavish, the hero of the Modern Warfare series. 

The return of MacTavish won’t be via a presumed zombie mode as it’ll occur through a flashback. Again, the sparseness of details leave us with nothing but a murky picture so it’s unknown if MW4 will feature a story that runs concurrent to that of the previous games or will simply throw in old characters for the sake of cohesion and franchise callbacks, of which I hope Ghost is included as well.

Serving as a potential launch game for the next-gen Xbox, I’m sure Modern Warfare 4 will deliver all the elements one would expect from the franchise though based on chatter surrounding Black Ops 2 it seems like some gamers are now beginning to expect more. So will Modern Warfare 4 serve as a massive departure for the series or one that forgoes certain elements or will it be completely happy with it’s feet planted firmly in the past?