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Tecmo Koei Formally Reveals DOA5 Plus and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus For PS Vita

The head of Team Ninja may have let the cat out of the bag this past weekend, but Tecmo Koei have “officially” announced the forthcoming PlayStation Vita arrival of the Dead or Alive franchise.  Presented in a package that will be familiar to DOA fans, Vita owners will be able to experience Dead or Alive 5 Plus, a rather straightforward port that is adding a few tricks into it’s existing repertoire. 

Along with the existing DOA5 Plus news, Tecmo Koei decided to go for the double whammy of old ports by announcing Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus. Yup, Tecmo is really trying to milk good old Ninja Gaiden as much as they can.

Slated to appear in Western markets in early 2013, DOA5 Plus will feature the content found in its HD counterparts while injecting a little bit of Vita specific action.  In a move that may drum up intense arguments amongst the core DOA fan base, the Vita installment in the series will allow gamers to do swipe and pinch touch commands to pull off moves within the game. 

Exact details weren’t given as to how moves would be pulled off and whether or not they’ll have a QTE quality to them, but they could be tied into the new first-person mode Team Ninja is implementing.  For the first time in a handheld fighting game it’ll be possible to tilt the Vita vertically and subsequently view your opponent full-on in a first-person perspective. 

Immediate details are once again lacking in regards to this new FPS component, but I assume the action may be touch heavy since it could be difficult to get a gauge of how you’re attacking your opponent playing the game “old-school” style.  Beyond that DOA5 Plus won’t offer anything groundbreaking within the world of Vita ports as a series of new training modes are the immediate “hot ticket” bonus content item within the game.

Things appear to be business as usual with the announcement of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus as it’s the same game released on the PS3 with a few additional bonus features.  Aside from the Hero Mode, Ryu’s attacks receive a boost when his health is low, Sigma 2 Plus is set to include new modes such as Ninja Race and Tag Mission.  Ninja Race could be a fun romp as players will be tasked with reaching a goal area before their opponent does, assumedly in an intense bout of ninja style parkour action.  Tag Mission on the other hand consists of the player switching between two ninjas as they try to protect an A.I. controlled character; basically it’s an elaborate NPC protection mission.

I may sound like a broken record at this point, but it’s nice to see 3rd party studios support the Vita even if it isn’t what we all want: original games built exclusively for the platform.  Maybe if DOA5 Plus and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus perform well we’ll see Tecmo Koei opt to support the Vita more, perhaps opting to release the still in development once PS3 exclusive title Ni-Oh to the Vita. If only such dreams could come true.