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Project Versus J Screens Show Gameplay and Character Art

Those wanting more details on the anime/manga mash-up that is Project Versus J may have to wait a little longer for such thing, but Namco Bandai have shared the first in-game images from the potentially amazing game. 

Announced two weeks ago, Project Versus J has a premise that seems like it was dreamt of in a forum as it has various characters from notable Shonen Jump franchises beating the crap out of each other.  Basically, if you ever wanted to see Goku beat up a character from One Piece then your wish has been granted.

Last week we saw some minor details surface on Project Versus J pertaining to the character roster and possible game mechanics. Those details came forth in an issue of Weekly Shonen Jump and of course were accompanied by some small screens, of which some not so great scans made their way online. However, today we have a clearer look at things thanks to some direct feed screens giving us our first proper look at the game.

New character reveals haven’t been made, we’ll likely have to wait for those, but we do have full-on looks at Goku, Toriko, and Laffy.  Besides showing the characters in rather nice looking profile shots, we also have a look at what it’ll look like when Goku beats the living hell out of Toriko, perhaps for aping his style too much, in an actual gameplay scenario. 

Project Versus J may still be early on in development and has various feelings of hope and trepidation surrounding it, but based on these screens it’s possible the game could bring the goods.  Again it should be noted that Namco is likely utilizing the Dragon Ball Battle Royale engine for the game and if that’s the case then the combat could be rather fluid and fitting for the various characters represented. 

In some ways the dream scenario would be for CyberConnect2 to handle the project and build upon their work in the Naruto games, though we should give Namco Bandai a break and at least hold off on final judgments until a gameplay trailer is released.

Exactly when we could see more of Project Versus J hasn’t been revealed nor have any character announcements been laid out. So for now we’ll have to wait to find out whether or not characters like L (Death Note) or Ichigo (Bleach) will appear in the game.