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Strider Could Be Poised For A Return

Seemingly on a trend of rebooting their franchises, Capcom could be ready to give Strider another shot - for real this time.  After enlisting the services of Grin Studios to reboot Strider with a modern and more Western appeal, Capcom decided to give that project the boot, thus helping Grin shutter in the process.  We only received a small sample of Grin’s ill-fated Strider reboot which was filled with Russians and snowy environments, but Strider could be making a long-awaited ninja comeback.

Uncovered on the ever wonderful place that is NeoGAF, a new logo image has surfaced for a Strider project.  Now before we get all excited that a new ninja masterpiece is abound that will finally fill the void left by Ninja Gaiden, we should be realistic for a moment.  With Capcom staying silent on the matter, there are two distinct possibilities for this Strider news: we’re either getting a small PSN/XBLA reboot or this is simply part of Capcom’s forthcoming arcade re-release project.

At this point it’s hard to tell exactly what this Strider logo is indicative of since we could be receiving a Strider game along the lines of Bionic Commando Rearmed or we’ll simply receive a re-release of one of the arcade titles given a slight visual boost.  The image itself does sport a futuristic looking background so maybe we’ll be lucky and Capcom is indeed rebooting Strider for a new generation; hopefully without any dudebro elements of intense ninja slicing and dicing.

It would be nice for Strider to make a more substantial return other than making a guest appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but again it’s a matter of which Capcom will be behind this. Will we get the Capcom that made Lost Planet and Dead Rising or will this have the mindset of the Resident Evil 6/Dragon’s Dogma Capcom that is ever so slightly losing touch with its fanbase?