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Pacific Rim To Receive Video Game Treatment

Deep inside us I think we all desire to see a good game based upon a film like Man of Steel or Iron Man 3, and thankfully one upcoming film which has the geek world buzzing is actually receiving the video game treatment.

If you saw the Pacific Rim trailer and thought “wow, that would be a kick-ass video game” then your wish has been granted as such a thing is in the works.  Announced today by Legendary Pictures, Pacific Rim will be adapted into a series of video games for both the consoles and PC. 

The debut trailer for Pacific Rim

Details on the forthcoming Pacific Rim game sadly weren’t revealed, but Legendary Pictures did confirm that Yuke’s (the team behind the THQ UFC and WWE games) will be the core developer on the project.  Yuke’s may not have had the best showing as of late in their WWE games, but the studio did provide a commendable, if not guilty pleasure worthy, effort in the Real Steel game that was released on the PSN/XBL in 2011.

Yuke’s will seemingly be taking an approach similar to their Real Steel endeavor as the Pacific Rim game will be arriving on the consoles via digital distribution.  That may be a bit distressing to hear, though we could still receive a good mech vs. monster brawler, complete with rocket punches, since the basic formula isn’t that hard to screw up.

Even though the past few licensed games we’ve received have been the definition of dire and poor, such as Battleship: The Movie - The Game, we ought to be thankful that our dreams of battling monsters on the streets of Tokyo will be realized via Pacific Rim.

A release window/date for the Pacific Rim video game wasn’t announced so it’s unknown if the game will arrive alongside the movie, on July 12th, or will drop later in the year - perhaps to coincide with the Blu-ray/digital release.