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Avalanche Studios Teases First In-Game Image Of Mad Max Video Game [Rumor]

This year is poised to deliver some amazing debuts through the arrival of the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft. We may be privy to getting a small taste of what’s to come through Sony’s press conference next week, which will likely unveil the new PlayStation, but developers are finally beginning to drop some megabomb teases on us.

Since releasing Just Cause 2 and the smaller scale ode to 1980s action movies that was Renegade Ops, Avalanche Studios has been incredibly silent.  With constant murmurs of a new Just Cause game being prepped for next-gen consoles and the continued hubbub of a Mad Max game in the works, Avalanche has been busy but we haven’t seen the results of their labors – that is until now.

Revealed via a Tweet that may soon be erased if it gains too much heat, Avalanche Studios Founder Christofer Sundberg has shared what appears to be the first in-game screen from the Mad Max game.  Never officially announced, the video game debut of Mad Max has been in development for quite some time as former God of War 2 director Cory Barlog was working on the project before departing for Crystal Dynamics. 

There were rumors that the Mad Max game may have been cancelled and was instead going to be headed up by KMM, (the studio Mad Max creator/director George Miller owns), but those rumors now seem to be false.

Unless the new Just Cause game will feature post-apocalyptic bikers punching one another, this screen revealed by Christofer is not only our first look at Mad Max but our first glimpse at a next-gen game.  Excitement levels may be reaching critical levels right now, but personally I’m just happy to see that Avalanche is indeed doing a Mad Max game and potentially could provide us our first game based upon a movie which isn’t dire in every possible way.

We’ll likely have to wait for an official reveal of Avalanche’s new projects and it could be some time before the Mad Max game drops considering that Mad Max: Fury Road, the newest entry in the series, isn’t scheduled to hit theaters until 2014.