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Take Two and WWE Finalize Publishing Deal, New Talent To Oversee Future WWE Games

Take Two and the WWE have officially finalized their deal which will see all future WWE games published under the 2K Sports banner for the next five years.  As reported last week, the deal reached between Take Two and the WWE will not only see core developers from THQ return to the project, but the team at Yuke’s as well.  Such news led wrestling fans into a tale-spin of depression that would only be rivaled by John Cena being the WWE champ again for three years, but there is one ounce of good news.

As reported by ESPN, Take Two is taking their acquisition of the WWE franchise seriously since Yuke’s will be aided by the team at Visual Concepts. Responsible for creating the award winning NBA 2K games, an unspecified portion of Visual Concepts will be overseeing all the WWE games created by Yuke’s, hopefully ensuring a level of quality and care within the games.

Hearing that Visual Concepts will be overseeing the future WWE games may not be as encouraging as the studio being the sole developer, but it’s at least better than Take Two letting Yuke’s once again roam wild in their long journey of mediocrity and insipid game design. 

2K are of course hyping things up a bit as 2K Sports Marketing VP Jason Argent said this, “Everything that we’ve done with NBA is what we’re trying to contribute to WWE. So the growth that you’ve see in the NBA franchise from the authenticity in the game to the excitement of the marketing that surrounds it is all something we expect to add to the franchise.”

To go along with Visual Concepts entering the world of wrestling, all future WWE games will now be given the 2K title tag starting with the release of WWE 2K14 later this year.  It’s unknown what other advances and redesigns the WWE games will undergo now that they’re part of the 2K family, but one can only hope for a more cohesive game that looks like it belongs in this generation of games.

Perhaps WWE 2K14 will be the first WWE game in ages which won’t be plagued with glitches and degraded visuals since Take Two will no doubt want to see their investment thrive as opposed to languish at the hands of disappointed gamers.