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Capcom Unveils New Trailer For Remember Me + Release Date

If exploring a futuristic version of Paris is something you’ve keen to do as you rebuild the memories of your character, you may be happy with this latest announcement for Remember Me.  The new IP Capcom is pushing, which surprisingly isn’t developed by any of their internal studios, Remember Me caught the attention of gamers when it was revealed at Gamescom last year – not just because it shares the same title as a sappy Robert Pattison romantic drama but because it looks intriguing all around.

Revolving around a character whose memory has been wiped, Remember Me is equal parts action, platforming, and narrative drama all wrapped up in a game that looks incredibly stylish. Outside of some slightly spotty voice acting and the obvious influences that the development team at Dontnod may have taken from other games, Remember Me ought to give us a good reprieve from the usual boredom that overwhelms us in the Summer months.

Yes, Capcom has finally revealed the official release date for Remember Me as the game will appear on both the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on June 4th.  Set to release three days later in Europe, Remember Me has the potential to be a dark horse hit this year since the competition will be light in the Summer months, at least before GTA V comes out and ruins our lives because we’re all addicted to it.

Based on what this new trailer for the game shows, Remember Me seems like it’ll be a solid action romp that tries some interesting things in the presentation and design departments.  I don’t know whether the game will go on to amass a huge audience come this June, but it does have the potential to give us one of the last few interesting IPs this generation before the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles invade our homes.