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TMNT Game From Activision Is Revealed, Looks Overly Gritty

Confusion may be abound upon seeing the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game from Activision. After being somewhat public knowledge for over a year, Activision finally revealed their plans a few weeks ago to release games based upon the new TMNT cartoon airing on Nickelodeon.  The excellent quality of the TMNT cartoon had fans of the series excited for the possibility of exploring the universe in an interactive setting, yet in the back of our minds we all knew that this was Activision we’re talking about.

Well Activision has indeed surprised us with the reveal of their TMNT cartoon and of course it’s not for good reasons; at least based on what this debut trailer shows.  Opting to only use the new TMNT series in name only, TMNT: Out of the Shadows appears to have no direct connection to the cartoon at all.  Now you may be saying how such a thing is the case, but for some reason the game bares a grittier and less than stylized depiction of the turtles compared to the new cartoon.

Perhaps good news to those who grew up reading the black & white TMNT comics in the 1980s, Out of the Shadows looks like little more than a common brawler that just happens to feature the turtles we all love and adore. The art style of the game is rather perplexing since it seems to be a cross between what the comics depict and what the turtles may look like in a new live-action movie.

All together it’s odd that Activision and Red Fly Studios, the team responsible for the game, didn’t draw more inspiration to the cartoon.  Perhaps such a decision was done to appeal to a broader audience, yet that certainly can’t be the case since the cartoon has gone on to become a hit over the last year in every key facet.

Slated to arrive on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and PC this Summer, TMNT: Out of the Shadows may give us a decent action romp that features the heroes in a half shell, but I have a feeling we’re once again going to be disappointed with what’s provided to us.