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The Indie Brawler That Is Aztez Surfaces Again [Video]

Ever a fan of smaller titles of an indie nature, I’ve had my eye on one game in particular when it comes to satisfying my need for brutal and fast combat.  Always a hard thing to do, nailing the feel of combat within a game isn’t an easy feat yet the developers at Team Colorblind seem to have done such a thing with Aztez.

Longtime Shogun Gamer readers may be familiar with Aztez since I had the pleasure to interview Creative Director Ben Ruiz about the project last year.  In case you missed the original article, Aztez is a 2D perspective combat game set in a tribal world that just so happens to be presented in black & white – except of course for the ever constant inclusion of red blood.

Having been in development for quite some time, Aztez is almost ready for public consumption based on this new trailer released for the game. Aside from showing the basic combat of the game, which once again looks brilliant, Aztez now has a 2014 release date.  Set to arrive on the PC, Mac, and even the Linux, Aztez will bring its own unique brand of combat, which is accessible yet deep, to gamers relatively soon; a thing that I couldn’t be happier about.

Check out our full interview with Team Colorblind’s Ben Ruiz to learn more about Aztez.