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Lost Planet 3 Shows A More Dramatic Side In This New Trailer + Release Date Revealed

Capcom’s somewhat unexpected reboot/sequel of the Lost Planet series has emerged once again after a brief absence. Not seen since E3 2012, some had wondered if things had gone terribly wrong with Lost Planet 3 due to the radio silence both by Capcom and Spark Unlimited. Yet here we are once again graced by the new everyman hero of Lost Planet 3 along with news of when the game will arrive.

Perhaps being sent away as a last hurrah of Capcom’s efforts for this generation of consoles, at least in the NA and EU markets, Lost Planet 3 will be released on June 25 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.  It’s puzzling as to why Capcom is releasing two new titles in June, the other being Remember Me, but with the next-gen consoles slowly approaching and the early Fall months having a few key titles dropping such as GTA V then Capcom’s plans could make a lick of sense.

As is usually the case with release date reveals, a new trailer for Lost Planet 3 has been released. Once again showcasing Jim Peyton, the new everyman hero of the game, and his almost DreamWorks animated flick inspired face, we now have a taste of the more serious tale being spun in the game.  Still believed to be a reboot of the property, unless Capcom does a small level of canon retconning, Spark Unlimited/the Capcom brain trust have seemingly opted to tell Dances With Wolves/Avatar – Ice Edition as per this new story centric trailer.

Longtime fans of Lost Planet may still be fretting over the exclusion of a more anime/manga flair in respect to the tone of the game, both in how the narrative is approached and what sort of character designs are being pushed.  I was impressed with the game when I played it last year at E3, but I must admit that this trailer doesn’t do a lot for me since it seems a bit dull if simply by the numbers.

We’ll see if Lost Planet 3 will be memorable at all once the game finally arrives on our consoles in June.