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Rumors Surface For Batman: Arkham Origins (Grain of Salt Time)

Holy contradictory news Batman!  Some interesting details have arisen concerning the future of the Batman: Arkham video game franchise that could be legit or simply a case of wires being crossed. 

Last we heard Warner Bros. had officially announced a new Batman video game for release in 2013. Not surprising anyone considering that it has been two years since Batman: Arkham City was released, the Edward E. Nigma twist was a rumor Rocksteady wasn’t developing the latest Batman adventure.

Now we have a contradicting report from the folks over at According to their “industry sources”, which should be taken with a grain of salt of course, WB Games will announce Batman: Arkham Origins for next-gen consoles this June at E3 and yes, Rocksteady is indeed developing the project. 

This latest report goes into familiar territory as it mentions the game will be set in the 1950s/1960s and feature Batman along with the formation of the Justice League.  This of course is similar to the “unofficial” yet straight from the horse’s mouth report that first surfaced last Summer.

Of course this rumor doesn’t necessarily jive with the latest Batman: Arkham news which had WB Games Montreal in the driver’s seat of the project, presumably making a direct sequel to Arkham City.  With WB Montreal staffing up for a major action project, even going as far as to recruit talent that worked on the open-world action romp Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, it seemed as if a changing of the guard was indeed going to happen for Batman’s video game exploits. So what’s exactly going on?

The easiest solution to this Batman rumor conundrum is that this rumor is entirely false and was simply created from cobbled together info in an attempt to get some easy hits (mission accomplished btw).  Yet there is the chance that WB Games Montreal is indeed working on the new Batman game, or at least a component of it such as the potential of a multiplayer mode or even porting it to the PS3/Xbox 360 while Rocksteady focuses on the next-gen installments.

Both options seem entirely logical yet there isn’t one that could seem like a more likely outcome, especially when factoring in that this could be a quasi-reboot of the Arkham series.  The one thing that does seem clear, even at this early juncture, is that the next Batman game will probably be pretty to look at along with fulfilling our needs for some Dark Knight action, but it may feel a bit forced if the story isn’t executed right since prequels to established video game franchises haven’t done too well lately.  We’ll find out for sure one way or another once E3 rolls around this June.