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Microsoft Possibily Set To Resurrect TV Show Heroes For Xbox TV Programming

Microsoft’s desire to turn the next-gen Xbox into a go-to entertainment hub may have been underestimated by gamers and those in the games industry. For years it hasn’t been a secret that Microsoft wants to push the Xbox brand as a viable entertainment hub whether it be through apps or key software, but now a tidbit has surfaced that the company could be following in the steps of what Netflix has recently done.

In what is surely an attempt to carve out a unique stamp for itself, both in the games industry and the ever growing world of digitally distributed entertainment, Microsoft is reportedly looking to reboot the old NBC series Heroes.  Cancelled back in 2010, Heroes was a show that started off strong due to its superhero/supervillain basis, but quickly succumbed to poor writing and plots that mirrored that of a comic book that needed to end immediately.

Despite the cache of the Heroes brand not being what it once was, TVLine is reporting that Microsoft is interested in starting the series up once again to air exclusively on Xbox Live.  Similar to what Netflix has done in producing original content through shows such as “House of Cards” and “Arrested Development", a key pillar of Microsoft for the next-gen is building up entertainment in original programming, perhaps putting more focused on that rather than developing 1st party software development options.

However odd this news may seem it does have an ounce of believability to it.  With Microsoft acquiring the talents of former NBC Development Executive Jada Miranda earlier this year, the company certainly has the know-how and assets required to pull such a thing off. Even in the past we’ve had an inkling at Microsoft’s desire to produce original content as they reportedly tried to secure the services of Conan O’Brien post his departure from NBC.

Exactly how much time and money Microsoft plans to put into Heroes, let alone any other original programming, is unknown since the plans of the company have yet to be disclosed.  With the rights to Heroes having to be acquired from NBC Universal/Comcast, producing the series from the get-go would likely cost more than the $50-60 million sum that Netflix spent producing "House of Cards".

As a fan of Heroes, at least the first season and bits of the last, I wouldn’t mind seeing the series make a comeback only if it’s done properly. No, such a thing isn’t entirely dependent on Hayden Panettiere  coming back and prancing around in a cheerleader outfit, but if the writing and production values are good then I may be poised to check the series out – barring of course this isn’t part of a new subscription tier Microsoft plans on unveiling in the near future.

This news all together does raise the question as to what sort of goals Microsoft has when it comes to their original programming. Will all the content be old throw-backs to former popular/cult hits, or will there be an equal balance of "old" and new programming? And if Microsoft is eyeing old TV shows to bring back, what other shows may we see make a comeback?

It may still be too early to know if Microsoft will proceed with Heroes, but the original content plans the company has in the works will likely be unveiled whenever the next Xbox is shown to the public.

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