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Prelude to inFamous story provided in comic form


Earlier today the first issue of the inFamous comic series was posted.  This will be provided leading up to the May 29th release of the video game. The seven page issue of the comic released by Sony has been graciously hosted by the people over at Joystiq. The story so far takes place prior to the events of the game. No word yet regarding how many other issues are going to be released of the comic.

First details on the multiplayer aspect of Bioshock 2

This generation it seems like if your game doesn’t have some sort of multiplayer or co-op mode then it’s a complete failure to the fans and reviewers will automatically dock points from the review score, even if having a multiplayer mode completely clashes with the core gameplay and theme of the game.

More robot action in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

The first Transformers film consisted of explosions, lame jokes, poor characterizations of the Transformers, hot Megan Fox scenes, poor directing and a lame story. Based on the recent trailers the sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, seems to be offering the same. That similiarity continues with the upcoming game adaptation as well.

Whoa... I got two personalities dude!

Keanu Reeves has had quite a career so far. First he started out as one member of a duo of airhead time travelers trying not to flunk their high-school history project, then he stopped a bus from blowing up in L.A. and later became a messiah in a futuristic cyber world. Now Keanu is stepping into another role that will surely become a highlight of his career as he will be playing the roles of Jekyll and Hyde.

Wheelman hits the big screen

Originally set to coincide with the release of the game, the film adaptation of Midway/Ubisoft's “Wheelman” is finally becoming a reality.

New whacky Katamari Tribute trailer

When Katamari Tribute was announced in March fans of the series were quite happy to see the game get slightly reinvented as well as having regained the charm that was slightly lost in the subsequent sequels that came after the first Katamari Damacy game.

Today a new trailer for Katamari Tribute has been released and instead of writing a prolong article discussing things I'll keep it simple today and let the trailer speak for itself.


The Evolution of Piracy: Here today, but gone tomorrow because the beta leaked yesterday.

The first time I realized how bad piracy was, was when I was a tester for Electronic Arts. The game I was working on promised to be quite good,  so I asked a friend if he wanted it for Christmas. While I was still working on it he replied. " No, man, its ok, I already have it". I thought: how the hell can you have it if I’m still testing the beta version? 

Red Dead Redemption premiere trailer

While quasi announced during the Sony E3 2005 press conference the sequel to Red Dead Revolver is almost upon us and it seems like it has been worth the four year wait. 

Is Microsoft ready to jump into the motion control war?

It seems like this year is when Sony and Microsoft take on Nintendo in the motion control arena. We all have an idea of what Sony could do but with Microsoft it’s been a bit of a mystery. Last year it was the rumored Newton motion controller that was a rampant rumor before E3 but instead what we got was the stuff like the Lips and We Love Movies announcements.

Wolverine and Deadpool are ready for more movies

Despite being slammed by critics and movie fans X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a hit.  So far the film grossed $87 million in its opening weekend in the U.S. and its grand total including overseas revenues is already at $160 million. We all know that when a movie pulls in those types of numbers it means only one thing: its going to get a sequel.

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