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UFC 2009 Undisputed demo gets a release date

It was announced today that the demo for THQ's upcoming UFC 2009 Undisputed would be knocking out gamers next week.  The demo will be released on April 23 and will be available on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace.

Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell and Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua will be the playable fighters in the demo and you can catch the two face off in the real octagon during UFC 97 which airs that weekend.

Retro Games honored in fans' own way

Now this might be dating me a bit, but here goes. Everyone has to start gaming somewhere in fact before the console market got so hot, a lot of games were just made for the PC. Day of the Tentacle was one of those games.

Get your own Red Faction sledgehammer

After the release of the demo in Qore it seems like the hype for Red Faction: Guerrilla is increasing to a fever pitch. The combination of solid visuals, enjoyable gameplay and of course some of the most entertaining destruction we've seen in quite some time is shaping Red Faction: Guerrilla to become a hit when it's release this June.

One member of the Red Faction community is so excited for the game that he decided to make his own verion of the iconic Red Faction sledgehammer weapon albeit one made out of paper.


Big Smile Reviews: Resident Evil 5

Diifii had to hack and slash his way through hordes of zombies to bring you this review! So sit back and enjoy as he dives into the dark and mysterious world of Resident Evil 5. He'll walk you through the basic game play, the unlockables and talk about the new co-op system


Wolverine VS Gambit and other good stuff

The recent media for X-Men Origins: Wolverine has shown that the game could end up being flat out awesome. Impressive visuals, nice combat and a development team that seems to know what they're doing has inspired confidence in the gaming masses that continue to be let down by poor film games.

Ghetto Golf takes things to the streets

Ever since EA released NBA Street nearly 8 years ago people have wanted to see a street/arcade version of golf. Many had hoped that EA would use the Tiger Woods license but such a game never came to light. Instead those who have wanted a golf game that takes it to the streets can look forward to the upcoming “Ghetto Golf.”

“Ghetto Golf” comes from musician Raphael Saadiq’s video-game company Illfonic. As a child Raphael used to play golf through improvising with what he had on the streets.

Walmart sells used PSP full of porn to six year old boy

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Eliso Tovar loves video games. So for a late Christmas present his mother bought him a PSP from the local Wal-Mart in Manatee County, Fla.

Saturday rolled around and the excited 6-year-old boy turned on the PSP for the first time. But instead of being greeted by the normal XMB, a naked woman appeared. Afraid he would be grounded, Eliso ran to his mom crying.

Patapon 2 is dropping UMD

Ars Technica is reporting today that Sony’s upcoming Patapon 2 for the PSP will not only be made available to download through the PlayStation Network but it’ll be download only for retail stores as well. So when you go to purchase Patapon 2 from a store like Target or EB Games instead of having a UMD in the case you’ll have a voucher for the download. 

The 3rd installment of Torocast by SammMoney and Musco

Our weekly favorite Podcast has a new episode! So grab your lightsaber and Join SammMoney and Musco for TOROCast. This weeks the topics are more controversial and their production skills keep getting better with every episode. Be sure to listen to the ending of the show for our own Star Wars inspired content.

Listen in and give the guys some feedback or ask some questions, tell us what you think!

inFamous gets release change and demo announcement

Today the PlayStation Blog announced that the upcoming superhero sandbox game Infamous will be hitting retail May 26 instead of its original release in the first week of June.

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