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TL;DR - Sept 22 - Steam Upgrade, USFIV Omega, 900p Xbone

Hello and good-evening for those late-nighters that have stumbled in upon the return of Shogun Gamer and in specific it’s semi-reoccurring truncation of the news named TL;DR. If you’re joining us here for the first time in this segment the principle is simple enough: There are some news segments that get launched out there that aren’t big enough for our editorialized articles, but we still feel the need to bring to you in some form.

TL;DR nabs some of the most popular or developing stories from the last couple of days of news flow, and gives you the short-form of the story along with a link to read more (if you so choose).

So, let’s get straight to it, shall we?

The News

Lords of the Fallen is 900p on Xbox One

Continuing the unfortunate trend of “slightly less impressive” iterations of video games on the Xbox One, the makers of Lords of the Fallen confirmed today that their game will NOT be running a full 1080p on the Xbox One, like it’s PS4 counter-part.

That’s right, the PS4 wins the Lords of the Fallen war as it is the only next-gen console to offer its user-base a full 1080p experience for the game.

The makers have assured their fans on the Xbox that apart from that, one small difference, the games have “nothing different.”

Want more? has the full details.


Ultra Street Fighter IV Patch 1.04 and “Omega”

Peter “ComboFiend” Rosas posted on the Capcom-Unity blog today about the upcoming patch for Ultra Street Fighter IV (1.04) and the changes that are being made, in specific the addition of a new game mode.

The new mode is called “Omega” and will be made available to Street Fighter fans playing both online and offline, however it’s important to notice the online version will NOT be available in ranked matches, and here’s why:

“…every character has been modified and outfitted with new normal and special attacks, resulting in a refreshing take on the characters you’ve come to know and love over the last six years. As the primary goal for this mode was fun, we placed more emphasis on making the characters feel new, than on their balance.”

Video for reference, because as ComboFiend notes “words don’t do this mode justice”:

For the full details on 1.04 and it’s Omega Mode, check out the Capcom-Unity Blog post.


Valve Gives Steam a Cosmetic Overhaul

Steam is getting a new look care of what looks like a LOT of hard work and man hours. It’s fair to say that the steam client/website has been looking rather dated of late, but fans of the client generally don’t care about the looks or functionality; it’s all about the sales, those wallet-raping sales…

The emphasis with the redesign is to make it easier for customers to explore new games that they might be interested in, accomplished by a customizable design in the client and addition of new features like the Discovery Queue and Steam Curators, which allows for sites/celebrities/whoever to craft hand-picked lists of games that you should follow… similar to how Spotify operates with their creation and social-sharing concept for music playlists.

The full run down of all the new features and design elements are available via a Valve News Post.



Playstation Online Gaming is Free this Weekend

Really there’s only the one external PSA that I wanted to share with you guys so far this week, and that’s because it made me laugh in an introspective sort of way.

Playstation will be hosting a free weekend for people on the PS3 and PS4 to get some experience with Sony’s online gaming experience in popular games. Which is cool, don’t get me wrong… So why is it funny?

Well, two reasons really:


  1. First, it reminds me of all the times the Sony fanboys would mock the Xbox back in the day because they had to pay for online multiplayer. There was so much smack-talk about how Sony’s “free weekend” was every weekend. So it’s nice to see we’ve come full circle on that “slam.”
  2. The primary focus of the announcement is on Destiny… which is an online-only game anyways. I’m not sure who Sony is looking to real in with that bit of advertising. Are there supposed to be people who bought a copy of Destiny, but haven’t played it yet because they don’t have a PSN subscription… and were waiting/hoping that Sony would provide them a free weekend in which to play the game they already purchased?



ShogunGamer is Back (Sort of)

I’ve gotten a couple of comments from friends and fans of the site asking about the status of ShogunGamer, and here’s what it boils down to:

We’re operating for the time being in a sort of “soft launch” capacity. That’s why you might have noticed a distinct lack of fan-fare with our return to the interwebs.

The primary reason for this is we’re just trying to hammer out the bugs and get everything back up and running.

For the time being though, you can expect some news posts (like this one!) and continued support of video game reviews.

Down the road look forwards to more live-streaming, video production, and a host of new (and returning) writers to the site to deliver more content out of then we’ve ever been able to provide before!



Sunset Overdrive Tries (and fails) A Live-Action Trailer

Short and sweet, I’m going to step the hell out of the way of this trailer… the minds behind Sunset Overdrive’s marketing campaign decided it might be fun to play off the ludicrous nature of the game and create a “live action trailer” with hilarious results:


That’s all for now, but check-back with the site regularly as we gear up for full news-cycle production, more video content, and live-streaming events down the road!