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Sunset Overdrive Weekend Live Stream

This weekend Shogun Gamer’s received the rights to be able to show off the first couple of hours of Insomniac’s first outing on a Microsoft Console: Sunset Overdrive.

We’ll be able to bring you the first TWO HOURS of the campaign (with an NDA cut-off, so no cries when we say our goodbyes for the day). That means our intrepid crew, whilst preparing for the upcoming game review, can share with your our experiences with the game LIVE.

So join us this weekend from 4-6pm (PST) today (Saturday) or tomorrow (Sunday, for an encore) for 2 hours of exploration of the madness of Insomniac’s take on the “Funpocalypse” as we explore the city of Sunset, it’s features, gameplay and the introduction to its story LIVE on Twitch. 

Watch live video from ShogunGamer on